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KJP claims Joe Biden has done more in 3 years than any other president has done in TWO TERMS


White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre exercised next-level gaslighting during an appearance on CNN where she touted the imaginary accomplishments of President Joe Biden.

The president’s spokesperson claimed he is the “most accomplished” commander-in-chief and has accomplished more in his three-year tenure than other presidents have in two terms.

“You know, this president has done more in three years than any other president has done in two terms. And that is important here, Audie,” she told CNN anchor Audie Cornish.

“If you think about the legislation that deals with infrastructure, the roads and tunnels that are now are going to be really dealt with in a real way,” she continued.

“Think about the CHIPS and Science Act, if you think about beating big Pharma and lowering prescription drugs, when you think about how seniors and others… are now paying 35 bucks, our seniors are going to be paying that when they were paying 200 bucks a month,” she added in her lofty claims.

“That matters. That is going to go a long way,” Jean-Pierre contended.

“And so as we head into the new year last year and out of the State of the Union, the president talked about finishing the job. And so the president’s going to continue to work on the economy. He’s going to continue on making sure that we’re lowering prescription drugs. Let’s not forget making Roe the law of the land as well,” she told Cornish.

But the Biden spox was far from done, as later in the segment, she continued the cheerleading.

“He still took action [on student debt] even though his hands were tied by the courts on moving forward with the plan that he originally wanted to do,” she stated. “The president has done more on climate change than any other president has been able to do. Those are the issues that young people care about and those are the issues that we’re going to continue to work towards and make sure that we deliver on the promise that the president made to young people, but to Americans across the country,” she declared.

“So I talked about what the president has done more actions. He’s taken more action than any other president in two terms, and he did that in three years. So, look, we have a lot ahead of us,” she concluded.

Biden may have been very productive in his three years in office, but a flurry of activity does not always mean sound and effective policy.



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