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Media downplays Trump’s victory in Iowa Republican Caucuses


As TV chevrons began to display Trump overwhelmingly winning the Iowa Republican caucuses – the Associated Press called the race 29 minutes after the caucuses began and estimated Trump to have won with 51.1% of the vote with 94% of the votes in – a look at print media outlets told a different story.

The respected pollster Nate Cohn brought back the narrative of the 2016 campaign by again talking about college-educated voters and those without a college degree. Writing for the New York Times, Cohn said:

The early results show an extraordinary educational divide, with Nikki Haley routing Donald Trump in precincts where a majority of the population has a college degree, even as she fails even to clear 10 percent in many less educated areas.

You can’t find Cohn’s quote now because the New York Times has since changed it. When it comes to covering Trump, media organizations naturally go negative, and then moderate it a bit when their bias shows.

Cohn’s analysis, while it may be statistically accurate, is irrelevant. In 2016, the Liberal media’s attacks against Trump were largely cultural – that he is racially insensitive, is a white supremacist, and clings to a blue-collared vision of America, touting guns and beer as against that of a more elite, suburban, college-educated culture. But in 2024, Cohn failed to acknowledge that Trump is running on Biden’s failed presidency – the endless war, the hyper-inflation, the mind boggling deficit, the lawless southern border and more than seven million illegal immigrants threatening American cities, the lawfare against Trump, and the disputed 2020 election. Furthermore, a whopping 67% of Americans believe that America is on the wrong track, among the highest such ratings for any president in recent history. Whether college-educated or not, Americans are victims of Biden’s disastrous policies.

Note the word “rout” Cohn uses to describe Haley’s performance when the best she could do, despite a heavy push by the Left, was to win third place, at 19% of the vote, tying the delegate count with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who came in second at 21% of the vote. How can anyone coming in third “rout” the winner who won more than 50% of the total vote?

Nor was Cohn alone for the NYT doing duty for Haley. Cindy Hadish ignored Trump’s landslide victory altogether – Trump won more votes than the rest of the opponent field combined – and again made the reporting about a third-place finisher. “Pam Mott, 71, a retired insurance agent, switched parties tonight to vote for Haley at the caucus at Franklin Middle School in Cedar Rapids.”Not what we wanted, of course,” she said of the results. “I’ll vote Democrat before I’d vote for Trump.”

The Washington Post, trying hard to communicate President Biden’s false message that the economy is doing fine, said that young voters are talking about Trump alternatives. Remember that young voters are among the demographic groups most hurt by Bidenomics.

With Vivek Ramaswamy, the fast-talking and intense debater who won raving applause for taking the media head-on, indicating that he would suspend his campaign following his fourth-place finish, the press wants next-stop New Hampshire to be a DeSantis-Haley contest. CNN tried this one-on-one debate last week by eliminating Ramaswamy from the debate stage. But twenty-five minutes into the TV spectacle, DeSantis and Haley continued to spar with each other and never discussed Trump. Meanwhile, Trump was at his recent best at a Fox News Townhall across town, looking sharp and being witty, reminding voters again how unprepared President Biden is in such a format.

The USA Today‘s headline blared that Trump “clinched” a win. The Cambridge Dictionary defines clinch as “to finally get or win something.” So, Trump won Iowa after a string of primary or caucus losses? Someone should tell USA Today that Iowa was the first election in the 2024 primary calendar.

There was a “but” in every media line reporting Trump’s victory. Some reports spoke about Trump’s four felony counts, never once acknowledging that these charges were brought about by partisan Democrats who never wanted Trump to be on any statewide ballot. The Los Angeles Times declared, “Trump’s victory in Iowa puts him on track for a comeback bid, despite criminal charges.” Ok, the LA Times prefers “despite,” instead of “but.”

Expect the same negative coverage about Trump for the remainder of 2024. If Trump wins overwhelmingly in the primaries, as expected, there’s a “but” to calibrate each line. If Trump wins narrowly, that would be a huge loss for Trump because the tide is shifting to Haley (preferred) or DeSantis (ouch). If Trump loses even a single state, it’s game over for Trump and time to get into an orange jumpsuit and head to jail, with Haley, the new-generational GOP leader, to take Biden head-on.

It is little wonder that the modern American media is a laughing stock for the rest of the world.

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1. Hamas Video Claims To Show Dead Hostages – BBC

Hamas has issued a new video purporting to show the bodies of two Israeli hostages, with the militants claiming that they died in air strikes on Gaza.

Media Downplays Trump's Victory In Iowa Republican Caucuses

It comes a day after Hamas released another video of the hostages when they were alive, but warning they could die if Israel continued its bombardment. Israel denied strikes killed them. Its defense minister accused the militants of “psychological abuse.”

2. U.N. Secretary-General Calls For ‘Immediate’ Cease-Fire In Gaza – UPI

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for an immediate humanitarian cease-fire in Gaza as he warned of escalating tensions along Lebanon’s border with Israel, saying, “We cannot see in Lebanon what we are seeing in Gaza.”

Media Downplays Trump's Victory In Iowa Republican Caucuses

As Guterres listed his concerns over escalation into Lebanon, he offered an immediate humanitarian cease-fire as the “one solution.”

3. Intensive Phase Of War In South Gaza ‘Will End Soon’: Israeli Defense Minister – AFP

The intensive phase of Israel’s war with Hamas militants in southern Gaza will end soon, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said, as the army confirmed a division deployed there had pulled out.

Media Downplays Trump's Victory In Iowa Republican Caucuses

The army had stepped up military operations and bombardments in the southern cities of Khan Younis and Rafah in recent weeks after saying Hamas’s military structures in the north had been dismantled.

4. Gaza Will Be Governed By Palestinians After War, Israeli Defense Minister Says – AFP

“Palestinians live in Gaza, and therefore, Palestinians will govern it in the future. The future Gaza government must grow out of the Gaza Strip,” Israel’s Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said.

Media Downplays Trump's Victory In Iowa Republican Caucuses

He said the future government would be a “civilian alternative” but insisted that Israeli forces would have the “freedom of operation” in a way aimed at protecting Israeli citizens.

5. Houthi Missile Hits U.S.-Owned Container Ship In Gulf Of Aden – BBC

Houthi rebels have hit a U.S.-owned cargo ship with a ballistic missile off the coast of Yemen, the U.S. says.

Media Downplays Trump's Victory In Iowa Republican Caucuses
Gibraltar Eagle

The vessel, Gibraltar Eagle, reported “no injuries or significant damage,” according to the United States military command for the Middle East (CENTCOM). The Marshall Islands-flagged vessel continues on its journey in the Gulf of Aden.

6. Iran Claims It Has Attacked An Israeli Spy Base In Kurdistan – The Guardian

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards say they have attacked the “espionage headquarters” of Israel in Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdistan region, state media reported.

Media Downplays Trump's Victory In Iowa Republican Caucuses
Iran’s Revolutionary Guards

In addition to those strikes near Kurdistan’s capital, Erbil, the Guards said they launched attacks in Syria against the “perpetrators of terrorist operations” in Iran, including the Islamic State.

7. Switzerland To Host Ukraine Peace Summit At Zelenskyy’s Request – Reuters

Switzerland agreed to host a global peace summit on Ukraine at the request of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Media Downplays Trump's Victory In Iowa Republican Caucuses

Speaking alongside his Swiss counterpart Viola Amherd at a press conference in Bern, Zelenskyy hinted at who he wanted to attend:

We would like the Global South to be present … it is important for us to show that the whole world is against Russia’s aggression, and the whole world is for a just peace

8. Russia Could Start World War 3, Fears Germany: Leaked Documents – NDTV

According to Bild newspaper, Germany is preparing for an armed conflict against Russia, which attributed the information to classified documents it accessed from the German defense ministry. 

Media Downplays Trump's Victory In Iowa Republican Caucuses

The outlet claimed that Russia could expand the war on Ukraine by attacking NATO ally countries next year, pointing towards the possible beginning of World War 3. The report also alleged that armed forces in Europe are preparing for an attack by Russia on NATO’s eastern flank, which could include a cyber offensive.

9. Ukraine Claims To Have Destroyed Russian Spy Plane And Command Aircraft – WION

Ukraine claimed that it had downed one Russian military jet over the Azov Sea and seriously damaged a bomber. This incident may cause a serious escalation in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. 

Media Downplays Trump's Victory In Iowa Republican Caucuses

So far, Russia has not commented on the Ukrainian claims.

10. UN Wants $4.2 Billion For Ukraine Aid In 2024 – AFP

The UN hopes to reach 8.5 million people within Ukraine and 2.3 million refugees and their host communities in Eastern Europe.

Media Downplays Trump's Victory In Iowa Republican Caucuses

The UN says 14.6 million people will need humanitarian assistance in Ukraine this year — 40 percent of the population — of which it will try to reach the 8.5 million most in need.

11. China and Switzerland Agree To Strengthen Trade Ties – D.W.

The Swiss government said that China and Switzerland signed a joint declaration to bolster an existing free trade agreement and deepen bilateral ties.

Media Downplays Trump's Victory In Iowa Republican Caucuses

The free trade agreement between the countries was first signed in 2013, and at the time, it marked the first free trade deal between Beijing and an economy in continental Europe. Efforts to strengthen the deal over concerns about China’s human rights records had stalled.

12. Nauru Severs Diplomatic Ties With Taiwan – UPI 

The tiny Micronesian nation of Nauru announced Monday it was severing its relationship with Taiwan to form diplomatic ties with China.

Media Downplays Trump's Victory In Iowa Republican Caucuses

Nauru announced its decision to switch alliances after Taiwan overwhelmingly elected Lai Ching-te as the incumbent Democratic Progressive Party president on Saturday. In a statement, Nauru said that it was in its “best interests” to recognize “the One China principle.”

13. German Economy Shrank In 2023 Amid High Energy Costs, Export Woes – AFP

The German economy shrank slightly in 2023, official data showed, as costly energy, high-interest rates, and cooling foreign demand took their toll on Europe’s export giant.

Media Downplays Trump's Victory In Iowa Republican Caucuses

The German economy has faced severe headwinds since Russia’s war in Ukraine sent inflation, particularly the cost of energy, soaring.  Increasing competition from China, once a reliable destination for “made in Germany” goods, and aggressive eurozone rate hikes to tame inflation further increased Germany’s woes.

14. Britain To Ban Islamic Political Group As Terrorist Organization – UPI

Britain announced its plans to ban the controversial Sunni Islamist political organization Hizb ut-Tahrir as a terrorist organization on allegations of being anti-Semitic and promoters of terrorism.

Media Downplays Trump's Victory In Iowa Republican Caucuses

Hizb ut-Tahrir rejected the accusations and accused the British Home Secretary James Cleverly of attempting to censure debate over the situation in the Palestinian enclave of Gaza. It said it “completely refutes” the idea that it is anti-Semitic and that it encourages terrorism.

15. North Korea Russia Top Diplomats Meet Amid Strengthening Ties Between Two Countries – UPI

North Korean Foreign Minister Choe Son-hui arrived in Russia ahead of two days of talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Media Downplays Trump's Victory In Iowa Republican Caucuses

The arrival of North Korea’s envoy came as the Kremlin called the neighboring communist country Russia’s “partner,” which hints at strengthening ties between Moscow and Pyongyang. It was noted Choe’s visit to Russia is the reciprocal trip of Lavrov’s October visit to Pyongyang three months prior.

16. North Korea Abolishes Agencies Working For Reunification With South – AFP

North Korea is formally abolishing key government agencies charged with promoting cooperation and reunification with the South, state media said, as leader Kim Jong Un called for constitutional changes allowing Pyongyang to “occupy” Seoul in war.

Media Downplays Trump's Victory In Iowa Republican Caucuses

In a Supreme People’s Assembly speech, Kim called for new legal measures to define South Korea as “the most hostile country,” KCNA reported.

17. Exposure Therapy For One Phobia May Also Improve Other Fears – UPI Health

Folks who use exposure therapy to overcome one phobia can find themselves less afraid of other things, according to the results of a study published recently in the journal Translational Psychiatry.

Media Downplays Trump's Victory In Iowa Republican Caucuses

Exposure therapy has proven to be the most effective treatment against phobias, researchers said. By confronting a fear-inducing situation under the supervision of a therapist, patients learn to overcome their fear.

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