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KJP say what?! Fury after spox says 3 ‘military folks’ were killed ‘fighting on behalf of the administration’


The Biden administration continues to show a disrespectful dismissal of the military and their family members.

In the barrage of questions that followed the death of three service members after a drone attack on a US base in Jordan over the weekend, National Security Council spokesman John Kirby and White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre raised eyebrows with their responses and reactions.

Jean-Pierre was accused of saying the quiet part out loud when she offered “deepest condolences” on Monday. as she said that Specialist Kennedy Ladon Sanders, 24, Specialist Breonna Moffett, 23, and Sgt. William Rivers, 46 had died in the drone strike while serving the Biden administration, before catching herself.

“Our deepest, obviously our deepest condolences go out, and our heartfelt condolences go out to the families who lost, uh, three, three brave, uh, three brave, uh, three brave, three folks who are military folks, who are brave, who are always fighting, who are fighting on behalf of, uh, this administration, of the American people, obviously more so, more importantly,’ she said while speaking on MSNBC.

The remarks ignited a heated backlash.

“It truly is amazing to see that after almost two years on the job who it’s possible that Karine Jean-Pierre is only get worse at her job…,” columnist and Fox News contributor Joe Concha posted.

Meanwhile, Kirby set off his own wave of criticism when he spoke with reporters about the ceremony honoring the three fallen US Army reservists.

When asked if the president would be in attendance for the solemn arrival of the remains to Dover Air Force base, Kirby responded,” I don’t have anything on his schedule to speak to.”

Kirby and his boss were roasted on social media.



    I’ll give you, she probably didn’t know if they were Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines (or even Space Force or Coast Guard), so she didn’t know to call them “Corpse-men” (like Obama pronounced it), but would it have killed her to call them “members of our Armed Forces”?

  2. What a disgrace this whole entire administration is, not only to our great brave military personnel and their fantastic families, but to all our patriotic citizens! A disgusting American hating regime that runs under the guise of being incompetent! traitors, all!

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