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Air Force One burnt pizza pic goes viral: ‘Mom, Joe Biden is trying to lose Michigan on purpose’


Dinner aboard Air Force One went viral after a reporter posted a photo of the charred offering being touted as “Detroit-style pizza.”

After President Joe Biden’s trip to Michigan, where he received the formal endorsement of the United Auto-Workers union, the flight back included two pieces of the rectangular pan pizza along with a salad and dressing.

Bloomberg White House reporter Josh Wingrove may not have realized his photo of the burned dinner would go viral but, with over 100k views, the image spoke volumes to social media users who quickly weighed in on the metaphor for the Biden presidency.

“The Air Force One dinner tonight after the Michigan trip: Detroit-style pizza,” Wingrove’s simple caption read.

Pizza touted as “Detroit-style” typically sports a thick, crispy crust and is baked in deep pans, The Air Force One fare seemed to have been left in the oven too long, and many would argue it should not be covered in sesame seeds.

The reporter’s image sparked a wave of reactions on X where one user quipped, “Mom Joe Biden is trying to lose Michigan on purpose.”

“U.S. President Joe Biden won a strong pledge of support on Thursday from union autoworkers crucial to his reelection bid in Michigan, while protests over his backing of Israel’s actions in Gaza shadowed the trip,” according to Reuters.

“Biden’s travel to the election battleground state was intended as a celebration after the United Auto Workers (UAW) union recently endorsed his reelection bid. But his visit was also met with protests from some of the state’s sizable Arab-American community, who demand the president seek a ceasefire in the Israel-Gaza war and have refused to meet his campaign,” the outlet reported.

Serving up a questionable-looking version of an iconic pizza style aboard the president’s plane did little to endear Biden to many on social media.

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