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Former lawmaker-turned-Cameo cuck George Santos sues Jimmy Kimmel over video prank


Former Congressman-turned-Cameo cuck George Santos just can not take a joke.

The lying lawmaker is making Jimmy Kimmel’s “dream come true” with a lawsuit alleging that the late-night host violated Cameo’s terms of service along with Santos’ copyright when he punked the disgraced Republican into producing more than a dozen personal video responses to phony “fans.” Among the replies was one “congratulating a woman for successfully cloning her schnauzer named Adolf, as well as a man for winning a competitive ground beef eating contest, court papers noted,” according to the New York Post.

Santos, who, while running for Congress, reportedly lied to donors about producing what was the biggest flop in Broadway history — “Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark” — unknowingly recorded at least 14 clips at $500 a pop for the amusement of Kimmel’s show.

As BizPac Review reported, Santos set up his Cameo just a week after Congress gave him the boot. He boasted that he “made more money in seven days than he did in Congress for a year.”

“Part of that money came from me,” Kimmel told his audience in December.

The comedian announced that he’d been sending Santos “a number of different ridiculous requests” in a bid to find out, “Will Santos Say It?”

“It’s a dilemma,” Kimmel told his audience, “because, on the one hand, you hate to give money to a guy like George Santos, but, on the other, pretty good chance he has your credit card information already.”

Kimmel “played on the comedic irony of possibly getting sued by [Santos] for fraud, claiming [on his show] that it would be a ‘dream come true,’” The Post quotes the lawsuit as saying.

After the world learned that Santos would say pretty much anything for a buck, the disgraced Rep.’s lawyer fired off a “cease and desist” letter to Kimmel, ABC, and the executive producer of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Doug Deluca.

“We are writing to congratulate you — your ‘dream’ of being sued by Mr. Santos may indeed come true,” attorney Andrew Mancilla wrote in the Dec. 12 letter.

“While your comedic efforts are much appreciated,” Mancilla said, “you should have obtained Mr. Santos’ consent, as he is not camera shy, nor is he blind to the comedic irony of suing you for fraud.”

And that’s exactly what the lawsuit, filed Saturday in Manhattan federal court, claims.

The Post reports: “In addition to allegedly violating Cameo’s terms of service and Santos’ copyright, the suit claims Kimmel committed fraud by using fake aliases to solicit videos ‘for the sole purpose of capitalizing on and ridiculing [Santos’] gregarious personality’ — and even bragged on his show about his duplicity.”

(Video: YouTube)

While Santos may be willing to wish Adolph’s clone well for $500, the price for embarrassing him on national television is $750,000, according to the lawsuit.

But, sadly for Santos, Kimmel wasn’t the only one to laugh at his expense.

As BizPac Review reported, before Kimmel’s prank, Sen. John Fetterman (D-Pa.) tricked Santos into trolling fellow Democrat Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey, amid claims that Menendez and his wife were bribed by Egypt.

Fetterman paid Santos $343 for a Cameo video to offer “Bobby from Jersey” some words of encouragement, and Santos eagerly complied.

“I thought my ethically-challenged colleague @BobMenendezNJ could use some encouragement given his substantial legal problems,” Fetterman posted on X, along with Santos’s Cameo video. “So, I approached a seasoned expert on the matter to give ‘Bobby from Jersey’ some advice.”

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