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Bo Snerdley: This is not a path for Trump to blue-collar votes, ‘it’s a highway!’


Former President Donald Trump’s campaign to return him to the White House is turning attention to securing the nation’s blue-collar vote.

While the 2024 Republican frontrunner already appeals to a major swath of voters across the country, he took the campaign to Michigan recently where he delivered a rousing speech to about 2,000 autoworkers.

To many, Trump’s focus could give him “a pathway” to earning the blue-collar vote. But for conservative radio host James Golden, aka “Bo Snerdley,” the current economic mess created by President Joe Biden is giving Trump more of a “highway.”

Speaking with News Nation’s “Morning in America” this week, the talk radio producer well-known for his decades of work with legendary Rush Limbaugh weighed in on how Trump connects with America’s blue-collar workers.

“This is a man who’s used to having his name emblazoned in gold on everything, from his own skyscrapers, private planes,” host Markie Martin said. “What’s your immediate response to those who say how does a billionaire possibly begin to relate to the blue-collar?”

“He related to the blue-collar which is why he became a billionaire,” Snerdley replied, pointing out how Trump built his real estate roots in New York “from the ground up” and not from an “ivory tower.”

“He had a great relationship with blue-collar workers all the way around,” he added.

“I saw an AP story the other day, does Donald Trump have a path to the blue-collar vote? No, he doesn’t. He has a highway,” Snerdley said. “It’s a huge highway.”

He went on to point out the “dismal” conditions for blue-collar workers and other ordinary Americans who have seen a major shift in living expenses from the Trump administration years. They are also “very aware” of conditions at the southern U/S. border, and “aware that their cities are being invaded and flooded, they’re aware of the ramifications that services are being cut for Americans and this government looks hopeless to try to even contain its own borders, while at the same time demanding multi-billion dollars for overseas foreign aid.”

“No matter what the mainstream press tries to do to cover the fact that inflation has been out of control, people know it. Donald Trump doesn’t have to tell them. When they go to the checkout, they see it and they’re tired of it,” Snerdley said.

He discussed the official endorsement of unions versus rank-and-file members’ support for presidential candidates, saying that the “union represents itself and the Democratic Party” and that there is a “disconnect” between union bosses and “the people that actually do the work, and the people that do the work are now voting with their feet. They are voting with their pocketbooks.”

“Something else has happened too,” Snerdley told Martin.”This racial stranglehold that the Democratic Party has had is coming to an end as well. Now you have shifts in black and Hispanic votes. So this is gonna, be, it’s a rare election because we have two presidents with track records that can be contrasted.”

The results, he predicted, will soon “stun ” the Democrat Party.

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  1. “IF” the election is fair.

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