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Survivor of Mao revolution tells Tucker she sees the signs in the US; warns America


A survivor of the Mao Zedong Chinese Cultural Revolution sees chilling parallels to that time unfolding in the U.S. and has been sounding an alarm.

Xi Van Fleet was only six years old when her world changed forever and she has documented and spoken about the harrowing experiences and the sights she witnessed as she grew up under the revolution launched by Mao. She spoke with Tucker Carlson in Episode 77 of his show, warning that the characteristics of the Marxism and Communism she grew up in have surfaced in America.

“The Cultural Revolution is here. Just ask Xi Van Fleet. She’s lived it twice,” Carlson’s caption read on X accompanying the clip.

Xi Van Fleet, who has lived in the United States since 1986, stepped into the headlines back in 2021 when her speech to the Loudoun County school board in Virginia went viral as she spoke out against Critical Race Theory.

The author of the book, “Mao’s America: A Survivor’s Warning,” spoke at length with Carlson about China’s historical shift, as history was erased, schools shut down and the youth indoctrinated as the new leader was touted as a “savior” who delivered the people from evils that oppressed them.

She spoke about the current situation in the U.S. and the racial tensions that she feels echo the divisions she saw in China as society was divided into “red” and “black” classes. She also warned that apathy or ignorance will take the U.S. down the same path if people do not step up to resist and turn things around.

“I was so impressed. As Americans are the nicest people, they try to be nice and not hurt people’s feelings. And now we know, right during the process, and we were taught, you can’t say vision impaired. Now it’s something different. And now, you know what? What’s the correct way to call those people blind? Blind. Yeah, according to Stanford. Now, that is the correct way,” she said about the shift in American language norms as she recalled the Cultural Revolution’s regulation of speech.

“So that just remind me of the cultural revolution, that there’s only one correct way of thinking, of talking,” she told Carlson.

The 45-minute episode is filled with eye-opening insight and a chilling warning of what’s to come in the U.S. Xi Van Fleet issued a clear call to action.

“The only way for us to win the war is to get our school back, get our university back, and of course, media, because those are the institutions that shaping people’s mind,” she told Carlson. “And they are all in the hands of Marxists.”

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