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BO SNERDLEY: 3rd ‘McFail’ resigns. Mitch McConnell to leave in November


On my Talkradio 77 WABC radio program last year Diana Mee, former “editrix” for the Limbaugh Letter expressed her frustration with the “3 McFails” : Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, and Rona McDaniel.

McCarthy, she said, had failed to advance a conservative Republican agenda in the House, McConnell failed in the Senate, and McDaniel at the RNC.

The announcement that Mitch McConnell will step down in November as the Senate Republican leader means that the 3 McFails are now gone.

There is no question that the Republican conservative “base” has been disappointed time and time again with their leadership. It didn’t begin with the McFails – it goes back to the dismal performance of Denny Hastert, John Boehner in the House – and that disappointment was exacerbated with Paul Ryan’s accession into the role of Speaker of the House.

Many conservatives, me included believe Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell did all they could to thwart the Make America Great Again agenda put forth by Donald Trump during his presidency.

We remember the lies that were told to conservative Republicans, time and time again about repealing Obamacare, protecting the borders, and taking the ax to profligate spending.

We rememberer all too well, the elected Republican leadership rarely would defend President Trump from the onslaught of liberal and progressive political warfare, including the phony Russian Collusion hoax.

We remember watching Democrats “get away” with spying on the Trump campaign, Hillary Clintons misuse of classified documents, and every other scandal that should have been investigated, including Benghazi, the gun running program “Fast and Furious”, and the IRS targeting of conservative groups under Lois Lerner.

We remember the lack of support for conservative Republican candidates, and the leadership’s failure to ensure elections were run in a fair and transparent manner. Just recently, we watched a Republican House member thrown out of Congress without being convicted of a crime, just on the basis of allegations. And a Democrat pick up that seat.

To his credit – we would not have a conservative Supreme Court without Mitch McConnell’s leadership. That is the one bright spot of cooperation with President Donald Trump.

But, here we are. The McFails are now gone. We will have new leadership in the Senate and at the RNC. We have a new Speaker of the House – but already there are grumblings about the short term spending bills that are keeping the federal government operational.

My question to conservative, is this. With the departure of the 3 McFails, do you expect things to change for the better? Finally.