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Jesse Watters links Biden’s obsession with ice cream to Alzheimer’s, cites Alzheimer’s Association


Fox News host Jesse Watters criticized President Joe Biden for acting like a “child” and called out the poor optics of his frequent ice cream parlor visits.

The president was a guest on the “Late Night with Seth Meyers” show and ahead of his appearance, he was seen visiting an ice cream shop in New York with the host. In the middle of enjoying his treat, Biden dropped a major update on the Israel war against Hamas terrorists, telling reporters about a potential ceasefire and hostage deal in Gaza.

He also licked away at his treat as reporters asked him about visiting the southern U.S. border.

(Relevant portion of video begins at 7:35 mark)

“If I were Biden and I was losing to Trump and my party wanted to put me out to pasture and swap me out for a younger, better-looking liberal, the Mideast and Europe are at war, and migrants are murdering our women, the last thing I would do? Go out for ice cream with a comedian and then lick it when they ask about the border,” Watters said on “Jesse Watters Primetime” Tuesday.

“Seth Meyers took his grandpop out for ice cream to make him feel better for forgetting his lines. Here you go. Good job, Joe. You want a sugar cone?” Watters continued.

“You know who lights up for ice cream? Children and the elderly. There’s a reason caregivers deliver ice cream to their patients in nursing homes,” Watters said,

“According to the Alzheimer’s Association, ice cream is a favorite for people with diminished faculties. ‘Ice cream has the power to immediately elicit soothing feelings at the very first taste of a single spoonful. It erases all the negative feelings related to the frustration and continues to stimulate pleasure receptors in the brain with every new scoop,'” he quoted.

“Now, obviously, I’m not diagnosing Biden with Alzheimer’s, but you see what’s going on here,” Watters said.

“They clap when he puts his sunglasses on. They treat him for ice cream to make him happy. He’s got his little Corvette., his toy car that he’s so proud of that he keeps his special folders next to. No one can take those folders. Those are my folders,” the Fox News host continued.

“He’s a child. He copies homework. He lies, falls asleep, doesn’t listen. Joey has his aviators, mint chip and his Hot Wheels, and he’s happy. Are we really going to re-elect this guy America? Even Obama world sees it,” he said.

“Even Biden’s best friend Obama knows it’s over. Remember the whole best friend thing? It’s weird, right? He swims naked. He crashes his bike. Jill’s trying to make him eat his veggies. He goes home every weekend,” Watters criticized.

“He’s losing to Trump in every battleground. And he’s so stubborn, he hasn’t changed anything,” he concluded. “A new Emerson poll shows the president getting smoked, down 3 to 10 points in each swing state. Trump’s up nine in Georgia. And that was before Biden’s migrant murdered Laken Riley. Every time the White House lets him out for recess, his numbers drop. You have to put this guy back in timeout.”

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