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Dr Keith Ablow, Hunter Biden’s former shrink, tells his story for first time with Tucker and IT IS RIVETING!


A former Fox News contributor and psychiatrist who once treated Hunter Biden sat down with Tucker Carlson to reveal what happened after federal agents raided his office.

Dr. Keith Ablow lost his medical license in 2019 after allegations of sexual misconduct and in 2020, the Drug Enforcement Administration had agents raid his office, and remove boxes of items including Hunter Biden’s laptop and Ablow’s guns, but never charged him with a crime.

“Armed agents raided his office, took his patient records as well as Hunter’s laptop, and never charged him with a crime. What was this about? He talks about it for the first time,” Carlson noted in the caption of the video interview on X.

Over the 45-minute interview, Ablow recounted the events and shed some light on the significance of what happened to him.

He was raided, had his guns removed by DEA as well as the laptop and other items, all of which were never given back. More significantly, Ablow had not committed any crime and was never charged with one.

“They’ve never given them back. They never had a reason to take them, I’ve never been convicted of a crime,” he said of his weapons.

“I was disarmed, I was then raided, sued multiple times, and I’ve never committed a crime, Ablow reiterated.

He also explained that he had told Hunter Biden “multiple times” to pick up his laptop which he had left behind, telling Carlson that he kept it “locked up” and never even looked at its contents.

Ablow shocked Carlson with the facts behind the armed DEA agents’ arrival at his office, saying that an appointment had been booked as if a patient needed to see Ablow but it turned out to be a raid.

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