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Bo Snerdley: Why liberals fear the NYT-Siena poll


Last Saturday the New York Times published the results of a poll they conducted with Siena college. It is still reverberating and causing panic among Democrats and never Trump RINO’s.

First and foremost – the poll has Donald Trump leading Joe Biden, with the largest lead he has ever had, in a New York Times/Siena poll – or when the polling partner was CBS news.  The 48% to 43% lead that Donald Trump has over Biden is his best showing in a New York Times poll, since his very first presidential campaign back in 2015.   Given the ideological hatred for Donald Trump at the Times, it is a wonder the newsroom didn’t erupt in open rebellion when the decision was made to publish the results.

Conversely, the 47% of voters that “strongly” disapprove of the Biden presidency represent the worse numbers for the Biden regime, that have ever been forecast in a Times/Siena poll.  For liberals, progressives, RINO’s, and Never Trumpers the bad news doesn’t end there. The Mainstream Media narratives about Donald Trump have exploded in the very newspaper that sets the narratives.

One of the most enduring narratives since Donald Trump’s first presidential campaign, is that women cannot abide him. The NYT/Siena poll breaks “the gender gap” narrative in a way that cannot be overstated. dig what the New York Times reports, under the headline: “Across the Board, Voters Give Better Marks to Trump’s Policies Than Biden”

“ Women are 20 percentage points more likely to say that Mr. Trump’s policies have helped them than Mr. Biden’s have, despite the fact that Mr. Trump installed Supreme Court justices who ultimately overturned the right to an abortion and that about two-thirds of women in America think that abortion should be legal in all or most instances.

Overall, the share of women who think Mr. Trump’s policies have helped them stands at 39 percent, with 26 percent saying his policies hurt them and 34 percent saying they didn’t make much of a difference.

In polls of six key battleground states in October, 42 percent of women said abortion should always be legal; among that group, two-thirds said Mr. Trump’s policies had hurt them. But women who thought abortion should be more limited — including those who said abortion should be mostly legal — were far more likely to say Mr. Trump’s policies helped them than hurt them.

More women think that Donald Trump’s policies have helped, rather than hurt them?   This represents a MAJOR break in the liberal mainstream media mantra that women cannot stand Donald Trump.  And so, it appears Donald Trump is grabbing women by “the policy” these days. Wonder if Access Hollywood will report that! While we’re at it, somebody, please find the graphic designer that conceived the infamous “I’m With Her” slogan for Hillary and correct it.  “They’re With Him”

Now – let’s turn our attention to the precious and hallowed class of voters, The Independents and yet another narrative mainstream media narrative: . Trump has not, will not ever have appeal among “independent voters.” Survey says? Wrong. According to the New York Times:  “Overall, Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump were dead even among prized independent voters, drawing 42 percent each.”

Another narrative that is in tatters is racial in nature. Biden owns the Black vote – Democrats own the Latino vote.  The New York Times puts a giant “STOP” sign in front of one of the left’s favorite narratives this way:  “over and over, the Times/Siena poll revealed how Mr. Trump has cut into more traditional Democratic constituencies while holding his ground among Republican groups. The gender gap, for instance, is no longer benefiting Democrats. Women, who strongly favored Mr. Biden four years ago, are now equally split, while men gave Mr. Trump a nine-point edge. The poll showed Mr. Trump edging out Mr. Biden among Latinos, and Mr. Biden’s share of the Black vote is shrinking, too.”

Wait. Full Stop.  Donald Trump is beating Biden with Latinos?  And to boot – Biden’s “share” of the black vote is shrinking?  Next thing you know Snoop Dog will be telling the world he has nothing but “love” for The Donald.

Now we arrive at what may be the biggest game changing narrative buster of them all. Who gets hurt – and who has hurt them.  If you are at all inclined to go along with the liberal narrative, you believe Joe Biden is for the average guy and Orange Man Bad. But according to the New York Times, “overall, across gender, age, race and education, voters were more likely to say that Mr. Biden’s time in office had hurt more than helped.”

Axios reports it this way:

“Why it matters: Just under half of those surveyed, 43%, believe President Joe Biden’s policies have hurt them personally — which isn’t particularly encouraging news for the Democratic frontrunner likely to face off against former President Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential election.”

Let me take it a step further. It also matters because all of the mainstream media spin in the world is useless, when something affects a voter personally.  You can read the Washington Post story about the so-called “roaring economy,” but if you’re being hurt at the checkout line buying groceries, or at the gas pump the spin is not resonating – your pocketbook is.  Likewise, if your community recreational center is shut down to house illegal aliens, no amount of mainstream media spinning will make you change your mind if you disagree with the decision to hurt you or your family by closing down a key resource in your life.

This is personal.  The media allies of the Democrat party cannot spin Joe Biden’s way out of the open borders fiasco that he has created, and the attempts to do so only insult the very voters that Biden needs to appeal to. Senior citizens, on fixed incomes watching illegal “newcomers” being treated like royalty, with cash cards, free housing, free meals are not going to suddenly believe what is happening in their own neighbors or their country is right.

And that is a key reason why the “right track, wrong track” numbers are so dismal in recent polling data. Joe Biden has set the America on the wrong track. And across every demographic – the truth has become obvious. Democrats are fearful of the NYT/Siena poll because they know – you know it too.

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