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Hot clips from Tucker Carlson and Chris Cuomo’s face-to-face chat


Tucker Carlson delivered insight into his thinking about Russia, the January 6 Capitol events, and Donald Trump, among many other topics discussed with NewsNation host Chris Cuomo.

In an interview announced last week and with part one set to air Monday, March 11th at 8 p.m. ET, Carlson spoke on NewsNation’s “Cuomo” about his dramatic departure from Fox News and on criticism he has been under for his interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and other issues. Though the two spent many airtime segments on Fox News and CNN trading insults over the years, they met together at Carlson’s home for his first national television appearance since leaving Fox News in “Cuomo & Carlson: The Conversation,”

Carlson’s exit from Fox News was in April 2023 and has since launched his own streaming platform and Cuomo was fired by CNN in December 2021, joining NewNation in July 2022.

“I don’t disagree that sitting across from Putin and getting into a shouting match, or whatever, is going to bear much fruit for people,” Cuomo said to Carlson in one segment as he confronted him about holding Putin accountable in his interview with him.

“But you made choices. You didn’t ask about Navalny. You said, well all killers, all leaders kill. But don’t you feel that if you are gonna go and sit with someone like that you have to hold them for account for things that matter, the fact that he may have murdered somebody or a lot of people,” he said.

“I did. Well, the Ukrainians say he didn’t kill Navalny so I think it’s ummm…,” Carlson began to respond.

Who killed him then? Guy looks good one minute, the next minute he’s dead,” Cuomo interjected.

“In some larger sense, the Russian government, the Ukrainian government said he died of natural causes. Now, what is actually going on there, I can’t even guess,” Carlson replied.

The NewsNation host also asked Carlson about his views on the January 6th riot at the U.S. Capitol and his use of the security footage on his former Fox News show, “Tucke Carlson Tonight.”

“January 6th, I know people will say it was an insurrection. People will say okay, fine, he wasn’t charged with that and there was a reason he wasn’t charged with that. It’s not a technicality. And your approach and the approach of other people, hey this was just, you know, these guys were in the wrong place, the wrong way, but that’s all it was,” Cuomo began.

“I don’t agree with that. I think it was a riot. And I think they were way over the line, and I think they were motivated to go over the line, in part by the President of the United States,” he contended.

“Parts of it obviously were a riot but let me ask you a couple questions, one is, why can’t we know how many federal agents were in the crowd and what they were doing there?” Carlson asked in response.

“I am fine with knowing. I love transparency. It is the key to understanding,” the host replied.

“It is the opposite to what we have, and there are thousands of hours of tape and the release of which will not jeopardize the security in the Capitol,” Carlson explained, causing Cuomo to say, “You cherry-picked that tape by the way.”

“I aired what they sent me,” Carlson noted.

“You cherry-picked it though,” Cuomo insisted.

Cuomo also questioned Carlson about his stance on COVID-19 coverage by the media.

“What do I mean to you when it comes to Covid that bothered you about the coverage or the reality or any of it?” he asked.

“I was completely opposed to from the very first day to the idea that you can restrict people’s freedom of movement or force them into taking any medical treatment of any kind period,” Carlson asserted.

“Government says this is what we have to do and there are similar practices going around the world. I understand the restriction, order the argument,” the “Cuomo” host stated.

“But why was it wrong for me to say, this is what they’re telling us to do?” he asked.

Tune in to part one of NewsNation’s “Cuomo” to hear Carlson’s response.

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