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Mar-a-Lago staffer goes on CNN with classified doc details, ready to stick it to Trump


Critics of former President Donald Trump are salivating over testimony from an ex-valet at his Florida property who revealed his part in moving boxes of classified documents.

Referred to as “Trump Employee 5” in the indictment against Trump brought by special counsel Jack Smith, longtime Mar-a-Lago employee Brian Butlet spoke with CNN about his role in reportedly transporting the documents in June 2022 before he left the job after working for Trump for two decades.

“Butler gave testimony to federal investigators that informed crucial portions of last year’s criminal obstruction charges against Trump and his two co-defendants, Walt Nauta, a personal aide to Trump, and Carlos De Oliveira, a property manager at Mar-a-Lago who had been Butler’s closest friend until recently,” CNN reported. “Butler told CNN how he unknowingly helped Nauta deliver boxes of classified information from Mar-a-Lago to the former president’s plane in June 2022 – the same day that Trump and his attorney were meeting with the Justice Department at Mar-a-Lago about the classified documents.”

He explained how he ended up transporting “bankers boxes of documents” one day as Trump and his family prepared to travel to New Jersey.

“They were the boxes that were in the indictment, the white bankers boxes. That’s what I remember loading,” Butler told CNN.

CNN claimed Butler decided to speak publicly with the network about his experiences “out of a wish to tell the truth and share what he knows to those who may doubt the facts of the case.”

Despite his years working for Trump, Butler has come forward with his recall of events and lamented the effect the investigation nd indictments have had on his friendship with his best friend De Oliveira.

“I felt like it was a total no-win situation for me. I mean, they’re asking me questions about one of my best friends. I’m being honest. But I also have a bad feeling that what I’m saying is getting him into trouble,” Butler told CNN. “Nobody should have to go through that. And for him (Trump) to get up there all the time and say the things he says about this being a witch hunt and everything. … He just can’t take responsibility for anything.”

Naturally, the left is doing a victory lap over Butler and his “nerves of steel.”

CNN legal analyst Elie Honig excitedly spoke of the implications of Butler’s words on “The Lead” with Jake Tapper, saying this “type of witness is gold for prosecutors.”

Other social media users had a decidedly different view.

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