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Biden stumbles through sad excuse of a St. Patrick’s Day speech, tells crowd when to clap


President Joe Biden harkened back to his Irish-Catholic heritage as he attempted to deliver remarks in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. But many found his slurred speech to be more proof of his mental and physical decline.

The 81-year-old was joined Sunday by Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar who, along with the White House audience, also endured the sometimes incoherent speech.

At one point, Biden even demanded those in attendance clap after praising Ireland for sharing U.S. values such as support of Ukraine and a stand against Russia’s “aggression” toward its neighbor.

“We celebrate the bonds of our friendship today connecting millions of Irish Americans and American people,” Biden said. “We celebrate the friendship between the two nations — one that has shaped our past, strengthened our present and inspires our future.”

“Ireland now is one of the top ten investors in the United States economy,” Biden said. “And our countries stand proudly for liberty and against tyranny. We stand together and oppose Russia’s brutal war of aggression in Ukraine. You can clap for that, please.”

“One of your country’s most sacred promises, is to defend the principles of democracy and freedom against tyranny and oppression,” Varadkar told Biden later.

“When Ukraine was invaded, you honored that promise and stood firm against an adversary who tore up the rulebook of international law and repudiated our sacred humanity. So on behalf of Ireland and the wider European community, we commend your leadership and reaffirm that Europe stands with you and with Ukraine for as long as it takes,” the prime minister added.

Yet Biden’s often disastrous delivery of his prepared speech seemed to dominate social media where X users conveyed reactions from disappointment, embarrassment and anger that Biden’s handlers continued to push him.

Remembering the occasion, many kept the humor going with themed memes for the day.


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