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Trump responds to ‘corrupt’ judge’s order to snoop in on business finances for 3 more years


Former President Donald Trump blasted the “corrupt, Trump hating judge” who ordered that his company will have its finances monitored for the next three years in the New York civil fraud case against him.

Following the staggering $464 million judgment against Trump, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron ordered on Thursday that the court will essentially be snooping on the Trump Organization’s financials, including access to recordkeeping, financial reporting and internal accounting records. The order includes keeping a court-appointed financial monitor, retired federal Judge Barbara Jones, apprised of efforts by Trump’s lawyers to obtain an appeal bond.

“Based on the Court’s findings in its February 16th Order, the Court ordered the continued monitoring of Defendants’ financial and accounting practices and disclosures, including and enhanced role for the Monitor, for a period of no less than three years, as well as the appointment of an Independent Director of Compliance,” Engoron wrote in the order.

“Defendants shall not evade the terms of this Monitorship Order by transferring assets, reincorporating existing business entities in other forms or jurisdictions, modifying entity ownership, or any other form of restructuring or change in corporate form,” the order states.

“The Trump Organization shall inform the Monitor, in advance, of any efforts to secure surety bonds,” Engoron said, as well as “any personal guarantees made by any of the Defendants.”

The former president unloaded in an all-caps missive on Truth Social, calling out Engoron as someone “who came up with a crazy, out of thin air award in order to damage me politically and not allow me to use any of the large amount of cash I have built up over the years.”


“The Trump Organization will be required to provide the monitor with monthly bank statements, notify the monitor at least five business days before major cash or asset transfers, and inform the monitor about debt restructuring or payment,” Fox News reported.

“Most relevant to the case, the organization must also disclose efforts to obtain surety bonds,” Fox News added. “Quarterly reports on these and other financial data points will be prepared for the court.”

According to NBC News:

Other aspects of Engoron’s order appeared designed to make sure Trump and his co-defendants, including top Trump Organization executives Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, do not try to hide or move assets.

The judge said the company must tell the monitor “at least five business days in advance of cash or other assets outside of the Trust” that totals $5 million or more, “including transfers to any individual defendant.” The company also has to tell the monitor in advance if it dissolves or creates any other corporate entities and provide copies monthly of all of its bank accounts.

Court orders to change any of the internal operations of the Trump Organization will also fall under Jones for advice.

Trump lashed out earlier on Truth Social at Engoron and the ongoing “with hunt” against him.

The New York Post editorial board ripped into the Democrats’ scheme to bankrupt the former president and presumptive 2024 Republican nominee, calling the judgment against him “enormously unfair.”

“The penalty itself, nearly half a billion bucks, was beyond absurd. And patently biased. No one — not a single person — was harmed by Trump’s supposed wrongdoings in this case; even the judge admits that,” the editors wrote earlier this week.

“How is possible — in America in 2024 — that a man could be stripped of hundreds of millions in assets even before he has a chance to appeal? It’s simply unthinkable,” the piece continued. “And is there any doubt there’d be no case against Trump if he weren’t running for prez?”

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