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‘Wrong, you dipsh*t’: Trump and Biden campaigns go at it on social media


A rebuke from the Trump campaign war room on social media kicked off a heated battle of words between the 2024 presidential campaigns of President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

The accounts locked horns on X following a post by the Biden-Harris HQ account which shared a video of Trump speaking outside a Manhattan courtroom after an appellate court ruled to lower the bond in the civil fraud judgment against him.

Trump was given an extra 10 days to pay the bond and the New York appellate court also lowered the amount he has to pay from over $464 million to $175 million. When a reporter asked the 2024 presumptive Republican nominee if he would “accept money from a foreign government to pay the bond.” Trump’s reply was in the clip posted by the Biden campaign, with the caption, “Trump insists he’s ‘allowed’ to take foreign money to pay his bond.”

Trump’s actual reply to the reporter’s question was “No, I don’t do that.”

“I think you’d be allowed to, possibly. I don’t know. I mean, if you go borrow from a big bank, many of the banks are outside of this– as you know, the biggest banks frankly are outside of our country. So, you could do that, but I don’t need to borrow money. I have a lot of money. I have a lot of– I built a great company,” he replied.

Trump War Room account fired back at the post, calling out the Biden campaign as “wrong” while ripping into Biden for allegedly receiving funds from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

“Wrong, you dip****,” the account responded. “He said he’ll pay with cash, securities, or bonds. Unlike Crooked Joe who is bought and paid for by the CCP.”

The ball was in the Biden court and soon the account responded with a meme from @dril, who wrote back in 2014, “and another thing: i’m not mad. please dont put in the newspaper that i got mad.”

Trump’s campaign gave another epic shot back by simply posting a video clip montage of Biden tripping on multiple occasions.

A statement from the Biden campaign on Trump’s remarks outside the courthouse Monday also prompted a response from Trump’s team.

“The Biden campaign has to send out one of their little flunkeys to speak for Crooked Joe because he’s either still in bed or in the middle of getting B12 shots,” Trump campaign Communications Director Steven Cheung wrote on X after the Biden campaign shared a statement insulting the former president as “weak” and “feeble.”

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