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Baltimore bridge collapse ‘100%’ a ‘brilliant strategic cyber-attack’: Lara Logan sounds CHILLING alarm


Officials are lying to the public about the cause of the Baltimore bridge collapse, according to well-connected veteran US journalist Lara Logan, who has had multiple inside sources confirm that it was 100% a cyber-attack.

The catastrophic event, which happened in the wee hours of March 26, is part of the ‘death of a thousand cuts’ designed to bring America to its knees, according to Logan. “This was a brilliant, well-planned, strategic attack on one of the most important supply chains in the United States of America.”

The 948-foot-long container ship left port from Baltimore Harbor headed to Colombo, Sri Lanka. At around 1:30 a.m., the vessel lost power; lights flickered as it plowed toward a critical support pillar of the Francis Scott Key Bridge,

“Those who are on the inside, critical infrastructure, DHS, and Intel agencies know this is a cyber-attack on the critical infrastructure of the US,” Logan warned.

What she says in this ten-minute interview with Steve Bannon is chilling and extremely serious. The sound of the alarm is piercing, yet the government has officially come out to downplay the event at a head-spinning rate of speed.

This is not partisan, she explained, it is our very survival at stake. Listen and share.