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Former Fox News anchor attacks Tucker Carlson on air, accuses him of ‘unabashed hatred of Jews’


NewsNation’s Leland Vittert unloaded on Tucker Carlson for “siding with terrorists” in his stance on Israel’s war with Hamas in Gaza.

Vittert targeted his former Fox News colleague for “hating Jews” in a monologue during “On Balance with Leland Vittert,” slamming both Carlson and comedian Jon Stewart on Wednesday over comments each made about the war.

Beginning by calling out Stewart for “comparing Israel defending itself against terrorists to Russia’s aggression in Ukraine,” Vittert aired a clip of the “Daily Show” host’s monologue from Monday.

“The subtext of all this is America knows this is wrong, but apparently doesn’t seem to have the courage to say it in a straightforward manner,” Stewart had said. “America and Israel both know that you cannot bomb your way into safety.”

“Stewart’s a smart guy,” Vittert remarked. “It’s impossible for him to not understand what he is saying.”

He then turned his attention to Carlson who spoke with Palestinian Christian Rev. Dr. Munther Isaac.

“Not to be outdone, of course, Tucker Carlson interviewed a Christian pastor in Bethlehem, a town fully controlled by the Palestinians for almost two decades, and then blamed Israelis for killing Christians,” Vittert said.

“If you wake up in the morning and decide that your Christian faith requires you to support a foreign government blowing up churches and killing Christians, I think you’ve lost the thread,” Carlson said in his interview.

Vittert then compared Carlson to Adolf Hitler’s minister of propaganda.

“Joseph Goebbels – the Nazi propaganda chief would be proud. Again, Tucker’s a smart guy. Yet, he’s taking the side of terrorists. There’s no other explanation than his unabashed hatred of Jews,” he said.

“Twenty years ago, we all remember, Stewart exposed Tucker for what he is. That ended Carlson’s tenure on CNN’s Crossfire. But there’s a larger lesson to take now six months since Hamas attacked Israel, since the hostages were taken,” Vittert continued.

“Hamas has been exposed for what they are. Stewart has been exposed for caving to his liberal viewers. Carlson’s been exposed for siding with terrorists. And now in America – and this is the sad part – hating Jews, calling for their destruction, celebrating their rape, it’s now ok, the NewsNation host concluded. “It’s hard to have peace with people who think that is ok.”

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