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Trump’s name used in LA Times’ OJ Simpson obituary: TDS is real, folks!


An obituary on O.J. Simpson raised eyebrows for the surprising appearance of former President Donald Trump’s name.

The death of the 76-year-old former NFL running back was reported by the Los Angeles Times on Thursday in an obituary that highlighted his sports career and the infamous 1994 case in which he was tried and found not guilty for the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman.

However, the Los Angeles Times piece initially used Trump’s name when noting Simpson’s release from jail following a conviction of armed robbery in 2008.

“Long before the city woke up on a fall morning in 2017, Trump walked out of Lovelock Correctional Center outside Reno, a free man for the first time in nine years,” the original obituary read. “He didn’t go far, moving into a 5,000-square-foot home in Las Vegas with a Bentley in the driveway.”

The error had many instantly wondering if this was a subconscious “Freudian slip” by the Times.

The L.A. Times soon corrected the error and updated it with an editor’s note.

“An earlier version of this obituary incorrectly contained a typographical error that used the wrong name when describing Simpson leaving Lovelock Correctional Center. The error has been corrected,” the message read.

“Freud lives,” NBC News presidential historian Michael Beschloss reacted on X where the initial obituary went viral.

“Unbelievable. The LA Times is out of control,” wrote conservative communicator Steve Guest.

“And I bet they still won’t understand why trust in media is at an all-time low,” noted GOP Rapid Research Director Jake Schneider, another in a boatload of responses to the Times.

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