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Tucker Carlson: Evangelical Christians are the only obstacle to the left-wing agenda. Brace for impact.


Tucker Carlson took a sober look at how anti-Christian ideas have infiltrated American politics as well as the culture.

“How did a self-described conservative evangelical like Mike Johnson wind up supporting the anti-Christian policies of the Biden administration? He’s not the only one,” Carlson noted in the caption to his latest “Tucker Carlson Uncensored” episode which featured an interview with reporter and author Megan Basham.

The former Fox News host kicked off the show by criticizing the documentary “God & Country” which was produced by leftist actor Rob Reiner and released earlier this year.

“Nobody hates Christians more than longtime Hollywood actor and producer Rob Reiner,” Carlson said before playing the trailer. “Amazingly, he’s just produced a documentary about how faithful Christians are the enemy, if you can believe it.”

Basham provided more analysis as she told Carlson that Evangelical Christians are the “only obstacle to the left-wing agenda,” and that Reiner’s film is just “one drop in the bucket” of a “very deliberate effort” to “remove” evangelical Christians, who make up 32% of the American electorate.

“It is over the top,” she said. “I’m not going to do it the justice of pretending like it presents anything like a coherent intellectual argument. It doesn’t. What it essentially does is say, here are bad, scary Christians.”

“I mean, I’m hardly a theologian — have no interest in becoming one — but I think we can say conclusively, if you’re pro-abortion, you’re not a Christian,” Carlson said after they discussed the premise of the documentary and the assumptions made about Christians. “I mean, I think it’s kind of that simple, is it not?”

Basham says she is “naming names and bringing receipts” in her upcoming book, “Shepherds for Sale,” which comes out in July.

“For years, the American Church has been overrun with leaders who are selling out their ministries to the highest bidders, giving wolves access to their sheep in exchange for elite respectability,” she wrote on X. “The left’s march through the institutions has brought it to the last bastion–the Church–and if it could, it would bring that edifice, too, toppling down to serve its political purposes.”

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