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Students protect Old Glory as NYPD removes Palestinian flag from campus, raises the American flag back up


The American flag was raised again on the City College of New York campus after anti-Israel demonstrators replaced it with a Palestinian flag.

Officers with the New York City Police Department gained control of the campus and re-raised the American flag which had been replaced at some point by the agitators during protests that erupted at the school, echoing those that have engulfed Columbia University and other campuses.

“An incredible scene and proud moment as we have assisted @CityCollegeNY in restoring order on campus, culminating in raising Old Glory once again on their campus flagpole,” NYPD Deputy Commissioner Kaz Daughtry wrote on X.

The City University of New York (CUNY), which oversees CCNY, released a statement saying “a large crowd of demonstrators” had marched from Columbia to CCNY on Tuesday. CUNY said “the difficult decision” was made to request backup from the NYPD after CUNY public safety had arrested about 25 people amid “a series of violent incidents” during anti-Israel protests.

“This includes a fire Sunday night at the Marshak Science Building caused by use of a flare gun that brought FDNY to campus, clashes with public safety, an attempted break-in at Shepard Hall tonight, and a break-in at the Administration Building tonight that included the vandalizing of offices and smashing glass doors,” the statement said.

While students are allowed to “demonstrate peacefully and exercise their First Amendment rights,” CUNY noted, it would not tolerate “specific and repeated acts of violence and vandalism.”

“CUNY will continue working to keep our community free from violence, intimidation and harassment,” the statement announced.

Anti-Israel agitators on campuses have wreaked havoc over the last week, interrupting classes and forcing commencement activities to be canceled. In an all-too-familiar sight, the pro-Palestine demonstrators have disrespected the American flag.

“You’ll never see a conservative doing this. It’s always the leftists. Democrats have been supporting this behavior since the sixties, and look where we are now,” actor James Woods wrote on X in response to protesters dragging the American flag at Columbia University.

“Stomp on that sh*t!” a protester can be heard saying.

Meanwhile, students at UNC Chapel Hill Pulitzer Hall formed a protective barrier around the American flag.

“Now Americans have to save their own Flag in their own country, what a shame,” read the caption to the video posted.

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