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Ole Miss students surround pro-Hamas encampment, sing the National Anthem


After days of anti-Israel protests at colleges and universities, some devolving into riots, the tide may be turning.

And the shift is riding in due to brave students who push back against the pro-Palestine leftists who have taken over campuses with demonstrations and encampments. The bravery of groups being reported as “counter-protesters” is getting attention and inspiring others like country star John Rich who is offering a free concert for the patriots.

This was seen at the University of Mississippi on Thursday as a reported group of about 60 pro-Palestinian protesters gathered to demand the school’s divestment from Israel. But they were met with about 200 counter-protesters who drowned out their chants with their own.

They sand the national anthem, waved American flags and chanted, “We want Trump,” as anti-Israel protesters shouted, “Free, free Palestine.”

“As tensions escalated between the two groups, police rushed onto the scene and dispersed the crowd in front of the university’s School of Applied Sciences. Pro-Palestine protesters were then led inside the building by police, according to local reports,” Time magazine reported.

“Campus police, City, County, and State assets are being deployed and coordinated. We will offer a unified response with one mission,” Gov. Tate Reeves posted on Facebook Thursday.

“Peaceful protests are allowed and protected — no matter how outrageous those protesters (sic) views may seem to some of us. But unlawful behavior will not be tolerated. It will be dealt with accordingly,” he added.

Another incident this week saw pro-Palestine protesters countered at the University of North Carolina where they took down the American flag on the quad and replaced it with a Palestinian flag.

“This university doesn’t belong to a small group of protestors. It belongs to every citizen of North Carolina,” Chancellor Roberts told the demonstrators who refused to leave an encampment erected on campus. The protesters were met with resistance when they tried to remove the American flag again after police had re-raised it, as a fraternity group protected Old Glory.

Country star John Rich was so impressed with the students who defended the American flag from anti-Israel protesters that he announced a free concert offer.

“For the boys who protected the American flag at UNC, I’d like to offer a free concert for their celebration of freedom party (anybody know how to find these young men?) Maybe we could talk …” he wrote on X.

He later posted a video message saying he had spoken to three of the “very sincere, very concerned” students who had bravely defended the flag.

Rich encouraged the young generation to “tap back into that American fire” and restore a sense of patriotism across campuses and the nation.