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Tucker’s interview with exiled Biden sex assault accuser Tara Reade in Moscow is beyond CHILLING!


The former Senate staffer who had accused Joe Biden of sexual assault spoke with Tucker Carlson about her life in Russia where she moved seeking political asylum.

Tara Reade moved to Russia because of purported death threats following her allegations that Biden had assaulted her while she was working in his Senate office in 1993, claims that the now-president has denied.

Reade spoke with Carlson on “The Tucker Carlson Experience” about filing a lawsuit against the Biden administration’s Department of Justice in hopes that it will force the opening of her FBI files to “expunge them.” She hopes the criminal case filed against her in California will also be unsealed, explaining how she is just shy of being indicted but has no solid reason why that would be so.

“What was your crime?” Carlson asked.

“I think not shutting up,” Reade replied in the more than 20-minute interview as she revealed how her “reputation was destroyed” and she felt her life was in danger.

Reade explained how she was accused of being a Russian asset and was warned she could be indicted for violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act. She detailed how seeking political asylum in Russia has turned her personal life upside down.

“I don’t know when I could ever go back to the U.S.,” she said.”I’ve never committed a crime. I’m not a traitor…I’m not a spy for Russia.”

“I just told the truth about Joe Biden. I told the truth about what he did to me and I told the truth about the corruption – and I wouldn’t be quiet about it,” Redae said, contrasting her treatment with that of women who accused former President Donald Trump – such as Stormy Daniels and E. Jean Carroll.

“You don’t see any ‘Me Too’ reporters coming and telling my story, do you? Never once. They protect Biden,” she told Carlson, who called the whole thing “totally evil.”