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Mandated shower timers? You laugh now… Climate zealots at WaPo demand we take cold showers


The leftist climate zealots at The Washington Post have unleashed the latest push on Americans in the name of saving Planet Earth, calling for everyone to “dial back the heat” and use cold water.

This includes taking cold showers.

While laundry and doing dishes offer opportunities to forego hot water – never mind that hot water is needed to clean and disinfect properly – the eco-zealots want Americans to shower in cold water only because, of course, climate change.

“Showering accounts for roughly 17 percent of the water Americans use in their homes, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Your steamy showers also consume energy: Nearly half of a home’s hot water is used for bathing,” stated the piece by Allyson Chiu published on Sunday.

“A cold shower not only uses less energy than a hot one, but it also saves water because you don’t have run the tap while you wait for it to heat up, said Jennifer Amann, senior fellow in the buildings program at the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, a nonprofit group. You should also rethink washing your hands with hot or warm water for the same reason, she added,” the article continued.

“If you’re wasting cold water to get your hot water, then you’re really wasting both water and the energy resources,” Amann said. “Those energy resources still come largely from fossil fuels and so they’re adding to emissions in the environment at a time when we really need to be doing everything we can to reduce carbon emissions.”

“Water heating is responsible for more than 10 percent of both annual residential energy use and consumer utility costs, the biggest share after air conditioning and heating, according to the Energy Department. An American household uses an average of 64 gallons of hot water a day — close to the amount needed to fill an average bathtub — by doing laundry, showering, washing the dishes and running kitchen and bathroom faucets,” the article claimed.


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