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Yale students call for ‘open intifada,’ say activists should ‘escalate disruption’ and ‘paralyze all aspects of normal life’


Adam Sabes, Article

One student group at Yale University called for an “open intifada” and called on its supporters to “escalate disruption” amid Israel’s war against Hamas.

The group, Yalies4Palestine, Yale University’s Students for Justice in Palestine group, made the comments in an Instagram post on Sunday.

”Escalate disruption and confrontation across historic Palestine, from every checkpoint and street corner to the face of every settler and soldier. Escalate protests to an open intifada in every capital and city in order to deprive the world from its heavy slumber that comes at the expense of the bodies and remains of those who survive; disrupt all facets of daily life until our people can breathe freely without the taint of the Israeli, American, and European war machine,” the post states.

The group also called on its supporters to “paralyze” daily life until Israel’s war against Hamas ends.

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”In every city and street, in every school and university, in every place of work and gathering It is time to paralyze all aspects of normal life-until the massacres stop and Gaza and its people are given the justice they deserve,” they wrote.

”Raise the ceiling of the global solidarity movement and immediately escalate all protest and pressure against Israel’s accomplices in the genocide, whether it is those who offer it a political and diplomatic cover for the occupation or those who supply it with a steady stream of military and financial support, as well as those engaging in cynical maneuvers that prolong the suffering of our people in Gaza,” the SJP chapter wrote.

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The Harvard Undergraduate Palestine Committee re-posted the graphic on its Instagram page.

Republished with permission from Campus Reform

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