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Good v. evil: America will likely choose Trump


First Lady Jill Biden has been campaigning for her beleaguered husband, President Joe Biden, by promoting a well-tested Democrat theme: Choose Good over Evil.

Yesterday, a Manhattan jury showed the world how evil America has become because of the actions of her husband and his supporters over the years.

Former President Trump, the 45th President of the United States, was found guilty of 34 crimes related to falsifying business records – 11 counts (invoices), 12 counts (ledger entries), and 11 counts (checks).

In a May Poll, voters overwhelmingly said that Donald Trump could not get a fair trial in New York due to bias against him. 49 percent agreed that he could not get a fair trial in heavily Democratic Manhattan, and 37 percent disagreed.

Good V. Evil: America Will Likely Choose Trump

If Jill Biden wants Americans to choose between Good and Evil on November 5 – and if the elections are held fairly – we have little doubt that Americans will reelect President Trump in a landslide.

We will leave other legal pundits to dissect the Trump hush money case for how bizarre it all was, but here is what we found evil about it.

The “trumped-up” charges weren’t even recent. They date back to Trump’s 2016 campaign against Hillary Clinton. Other Manhattan DAs had considered bringing this case but dropped it after concluding it had no merit. Even Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg had abandoned the idea before resurrecting it following pressure from liberals and the TDS crowd.

The charges were so novel that they were downright evil. Bragg connected a state law about falsifying records to election violations at the federal level when Trump allegedly paid $130,000 in “hush money” to obtain a non-disclosure agreement from a porn star.

Bragg argued that Trump’s payments violated federal campaign finance laws, although he has no jurisdiction over federal statutes as a county prosecutor. If he had just brought New York State business violations to bear, there would only have been civil penalties. For the charges to be criminal, he had to link them to federal violations. But, the judge disallowed the testimony of senior Federal Election Commission officials under direct or cross-examination. Bragg failed to show who was harmed because the judge ruled that he didn’t have to. The jury ruled not knowing the exact criminal statute Trump was supposed to have violated.

Trump’s legal team contended that the payments made to the porn star through Michael Cohen were legitimate payments for actual legal services. Paying people for their silence is standard operating procedure in business. Many court cases are settled without judging guilt based on an express commitment in non-disclosure agreements, which bind people from saying anything after the ink is dry.

Besides, the prosecution relied on their star witness, Michael Cohen, who is hardly a respected member of society. He was sentenced to three years in prison for tax evasion, campaign finance violations, and false statements. In 2018, he pleaded guilty to concealing more than $4 million in personal income from the IRS and lying to Congress during the Russia investigation.

No court in the world, not even a Kangaroo court, would have brought 8-year-old charges against the former leader of the Free World four years after he left office, far less convict him of all 34 counts of clerical violations such as invoicing, checks, and ledger entries when no one was harmed. But in today’s evil America, anything is possible.

The former leader of the Free World, who has been trouncing President Biden in every poll in the battleground states for the last year, is now a convicted felon. The 45th president of the United States will be sentenced on July 11, four days before the Republican National Convention. Each of the 34 counts under New York law can result in a four-year prison term. So, Trump could be sentenced to 136 years in a New York State prison, although it is unlikely. Is America evil enough for you?

In most states, convicted felons can’t vote until they have completed their sentence. So, the leader of the Republican Party, who defeated all of his rivals in the primaries, will be forbidden to cast a vote in the 2024 elections. The New York Times says that Trump will likely be required to talk to a psychologist or social worker in the probation department. During this time, the defendant can “try to make a good impression and explain why he or she deserves a lighter punishment,” according to the New York State Unified Court System. How evil has America become, Dr. Jill Biden?

The Times, which gleefully ran an editorial titled “Donald Trump, Felon,” also pointed out that Trump will likely be required to report regularly to a probation officer, who could impose rules on his travel. Trump was already constrained from campaigning during the six weeks of the trial. As the election season heats up during the summer, Trump may have to cut short his campaign schedule frequently to report to a prison official in Manhattan. That’s right. Hold your key political opponent in chains so that you are free to campaign. How is America doing on the evil scale, Dr. Jill Biden?

For all of our anguish, a Manhattan court has convincingly spoken and found Trump criminally culpable. This is now a fact and will be forever enshrined in America’s history – Donald Trump, the first former President ever to be convicted. The Democrats, the liberal media, and the Never Trumper crowd can take victory laps well past Election Day.

For eight years, the vile hatred propagated by the Left, which led to two impeachments against a president, a suspicious election in 2020 in which a fourth-place finisher in the early Democratic Primaries was magically catapulted to power, and numerous investigations to malign an elected leader, has finally turned America’s flag upside down by becoming eerily evil.

But for the ordinary American struggling to work two jobs to make ends meet in an inflation regime that has lowered America’s standard of living, the helpless in the face of their leaders funding ever-escalating wars that could trigger a nuclear conflict, and the constant fear of crime as 11 million illegal aliens have spread to every corner of the country, November 5 is the date to help turn the flag back up, in the privacy of the election booth with little to fear.

In the Good v. Evil debate, Americans can always be trusted to choose Good.

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