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Megyn Kelly throws down over Trump verdict, warns ‘they will rue the day…’


Among the many reactions and analyses that unfolded in the wake of Donald Trump’s guilty verdict, the actual crime remained questionable for those like podcast host Megyn Kelly.

The host of “The Megyn Kelly Show,” who had a legal career before her move into media, locked horns with NewsNation host and Mediaite founder Dan Abrams over the New York jury finding the former president guilty of all 34 counts of falsifying business records in his hush money trial.

Kelly blasted the “complicit” Judge Juan Merchan in the case and the crooked District Attorney Alvin Bragg who ran his own campaign on a promise to “get Trump.” Kelly schooled Abrams when he claimed that “there was definitely wrongdoing” by Trump, despite the argument that perhaps his actions were not necessarily illegal.

“What was it?” Kelly demanded.

“What was the wrongdoing? Alright, number one, it’s $130,000 to a porn star to keep her quiet, to try to protect your campaign. Can we at least agree that’s wrong?” Abrams offered.

“How was it wrong?” Kelly pushed back. “I don’t know what kind of weird marriage these two have. Same as I didn’t know what kind of weird marriage Bill and Hillary Clinton had. So I don’t know what their covenant is in terms of what he’s allowed to do on the outside of his marriage.”

“I’m not talking about the sex. I’m talking about the $130,000 to keep [Stormy Daniels] quiet to protect his campaign,” Abrams replied.

“It’s not immoral,” Kelly told him. “There’s nothing wrong with that at all. Nothing.”

When Abrams asked, “You don’t think he falsified business records either?” Kelly replied, “I don’t know what he did.”

Trump’s payment could have been classified “as a legal expense,” Kelly noted, arguing that there was “nothing illegal about paying hush money for an NDA.”

When pressed, Abrams said he was citing campaign finance laws, to which Kelly shot back, “Wrong! You don’t know what you’re talking about! You’re wrong!”

“Explain to me then. Tell me what I’m getting wrong,” he replied.

“It does not amount to a campaign contribution if it is the kind of payment that could ever be made outside of the campaign context,” she said as they continued to spar.

On her own podcast, Kelly warned that Trump’s enemies have opened up Pandora’s box and Democrats “will rue the day they decided to use lawfare to stop a presidential candidate.”

“The only way to save the Republic now is to give them a taste of their own medicine,” she said, naming the Bidens, the Clintons and even the Obamas to say, “We’re going to have to look at what the statutes of limitations are on the various crimes they surely committed.”

“Who’s getting indicted next?” she asked.

“Joe Biden? Maybe Jill Biden? How low can we go? You may not want to see it. That ship has already left port. That horse has left the barn. That’s where we’re going. So before you celebrate too much over at MSNBC and CNN, who are positively gleeful, gleeful over this absurd conviction, you wait and ask yourself, ask yourself what kind of Pandora’s box has been opened here?” Kelly said.


  1. Pandora’s box is open

  2. Kelly makes sense. The dude doesn’t.

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