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Ohio sheriff, fully fed up with border-related crime, calls for renewal of death penalty in a bold viral rant


Crimes committed by illegal immigrants pouring into the country across the southern U.S. border have caused one Ohio sheriff to call for the death penalty to be renewed.

Noting the cost to taxpayers in the state of $4 million to incarcerate migrants who commit crimes after illegally entering the country, Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones spoke with Fox News Digital about the core problem being President Joe Biden’s failed border policies.

He lamented that he could go “on and on” about the destruction wrought at the hands of the illegal migrants, declaring “I am angry.”

“People are fed up, and we want something done. And I don’t know that we can stand President Biden being here. And this is just a sample of what he’s done. Lord, help us all,” Jones said.

The sheriff noted that over the last three years, 1,000 illegal immigrants were incarcerated for committing 2,000 crimes – many of them violent.

“We had one guy that was deported eight times. He was in my jail under eight different names, and that’s what we know of,” he told Fox News Digital. “He’s here. He’s committed murder while he’s here. And we believe that this isn’t the first time he’s committed murder. And we’ve had people that have been hit with vehicles killed. We’ve had people that have been stabbed. So the crime is increasing.”

Jones recalled to the outlet that some of the crimes continue to haunt him, including a paraplegic who was the victim of a hit-and-run by an illegal immigrant and the 9-year-old who was pulled off her bicycle and molested by an illegal migrant.

“I don’t need any extra crime coming from other countries where they empty their prisons out,” Jones said when asked about homegrown citizens also committing crimes.

“What would happen if Biden was reelected? I believe our country is in danger. But I’m not the only one. The government believes that if we continue with this trajectory, that we’re all in danger. We are training our civilians here how to protect themselves” he said.

Jones believes Biden is directly responsible for blocking Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement from doing their jobs.

“They block the federal government,” the sheriff said. “I am the government, and I’m embarrassed and ashamed of the people that we have in leadership positions. These other countries laugh at us. They look at our president, he can hardly talk.”

“I guess when you’re president, or you’re these people in power, you don’t go to the grocery store… I keep my ear to the ground and I talk to people. They’re fed up, they’re disgusted, and they’re scared,” he added.

“Our approach here is far from gentle. I’m not a very gentle approach person,” said the sheriff who has pressed for legislation that would allow felony charges to be filed in Ohio against anyone who is an illegal immigrant.

“I believe if you murder somebody, the death penalty. I believe if you molest children or hurt children, the death penalty. I think terrorism, the death penalty. Selling drugs to somebody that dies, the death penalty. And, now I don’t get to make those rules,” Jones told Fox News Digital.

“Everybody [in Ohio] knows somebody that’s died because of that. And it affects us all. It sends chills down my spine, as I tell you that,” he continued. “It doesn’t seem that our president cares about that. He’s more concerned with global warming and making us all buy electric cars and get rid of our gas stoves.”

“I would tell the president first thing: Close the damn borders, get our communities back, let Americans go to work,” Jones said. “We got 5,000 people die a year because of these drugs coming in from Mexico.”

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drug overdoses account for Ohio having the fifth-highest death rate in the nation.

Jones admitted Biden’s failure at the border and the damage it has caused his own community keeps him up at night.

“The people that come see me, that their loved ones have been killed by illegals either behind the wheel, intoxicated, or have died of overdose from the drugs coming from the border… I lose sleep over that,” he said.

“Am I real soft and fuzzy and cuddly? No, I am not,” said Jones. “I do have a dislike for criminals… Don’t come to this county because you’ll go to prison. You’ll go to jail. That’s my job.”




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