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Bo Snerdley: Stop dismissing RFK Jr., he could be the kingmaker in 2024 presidential election


President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump should not be so quick to dismiss Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

That’s the take from radio host James Golden. aka Bo Snerdley, who believes Kennedy just needs the right numbers from the right states – namely the key battleground states in the presidential election – to walk away as a potential victor if not someone who should be taken more seriously.

Golden spoke with News Nation’s “Morning in America” about RFK Jr. and the “delusional;” claims by Democrats about Trump’s lack of support.

“RFK announced last week that he is in enough states now that he could compete for 270 electoral votes. Now the caveat is, some of those states – I think 10 of them – have not certified him,” Golden explained.

“But he doesn’t have to be in every state. All he has to do is appear in enough battleground states to make a difference,” the host of WABC’s “Bo Snerdley’s Rush Hour” continued. “You’re talking about seven, eight states and the election’s done if those voters go the wrong way.”

Golden emphasized that Democrats do need to be concerned about such a scenario but pointed out there are other factors that they have ignored, choosing to bury their head in the sand as Trump racks up support among some surprising demographics.

“They need to be concerned about something else. In 2020, 2016, you would not see tech executives coming out and even supporting Trump let alone doing a fundraiser. The one or two that tried it in ’16 got tossed out of their industry,” he said.

“Now, in Silicon Valley, fundraisers for Donald Trump that are exceeding expectations. And on top of that, you have black celebrities and others, where they were quiet in the last two election cycles, openly coming out and saying they support Donald Trump,” Golden said.

He found humor in comments by Rep. James Clyburn (R-S.C.) who dismissed recent polls showing the former president’s rising support among black males.

“I don’t think they’ve left the fold. I don’t know what is going on with the polling taking place here,” the Democrat said on News Nation’s “The Hill Sunday.”

I just had attended my state, my NAACP event last evening, I’m on my way to an [African Methodist Episcopal Church] … I’m going to tell you something. There [was] zero support in that place last night for Donald Trump, zero support throughout the African Methodist Episcopal Church,” Clyburn added in remarks that gave Golden a chuckle.

“So something is going on here, Mr. Clyburn but you’re delusional if you think there’s zero support,” Golden remarked, adding Democrats “better all be concerned.”

He agreed that Kennedy appeared to be losing voters and credited Trump and Biden’s attacks on the former Democrat for some of the loss.

“Both campaigns realize that they have to take him very seriously and they are trying to make sure that he doesn’t impact their campaigns,” Golden said before warning, “This guy could end up being the kingmaker in an odd sort of way in this election cycle.”

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