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Fmr. Speaker dishes on Biden’s super weird behavior behind the scenes: He showed us the changing room


President Joe Biden’s “little office” outside the Oval Office was just one of several behind-the-scenes stops on a tour that baffled former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

The ousted Republican speaker who retired from Congress last year recounted to Fox News host Jesse Watters about the head-scratching behavior of the president as private negotiations played out at the White House, with Biden taking him on a spontaneous tour and inviting him to the pool despite the cold weather.

Biden’s predictable, and sometimes unpredictable, moves were recalled by McCarthy as he told Watters about his observations of the president they met to hash out a deal to raise the nation’s debt ceiling and avert a government default.

“He’d always go with the cards, right? So what I learned early on, he has to read from them, and once he starts reading, I would interject, and then he didn’t know what to do and he would stumble, and then he would close it and just stop, and then Kamala would have to start talking,” McCarthy described. “So it was a play I used every time.”

“There was one time we were sitting there and he’s taking us on a tour, then all of a sudden he goes, ‘You wanna go out to the pool?’” McCarthy recalled.

“Jill’s on the other side of the table and she went, ‘No! They don’t wanna go out!’ He goes, ‘You don’t wanna go out?’ Then he opens the door, it’s winter time, and he walks us down to the swimming pool, into the changing room,” the former congressman continued.

“What?!” Watters chimed in.

“Then we walk back up and he’s created this little room outside the Oval Office to be a little office for him. Now, President Trump had it as a gift shop. Clinton used it for something else,” McCarthy quipped, drawing a laugh from Watters.

“But he’s made it a little office for himself like ten feet away from the Oval Office. Why?! Like between you and I, and all it does is have a little desk in there, and then it has one of those valets, and when I walked in, it had a blue dress shirt all wrinkled. Like, when does the president take his shirt off in there?” he wondered.

“And then we come walking back and I’m thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, please don’t show this to any other world leader,’” he added.

Watters asked the former speaker what transpired in the dressing room and if Biden said anything to him while there.

“Well, first he got to the door and it was locked, so the Secret Service comes and opens it up. I’m like, what are we doing?” McCarthy recounted.

“Go for a dip. Do some laps,” Watters joked. “Alright, you’re doing laps around him is what you’re doing.”

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  1. When are you pretend journalists going to figure out it’s not “dishes”. How freaking stoopid are you? It’s “dis.” As in “he’s dissing on you.” Meaning being disrespectful. Sheesh, quit looking so friggin stoopid with your headlines.

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