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Newly released records on secret service dog bites highlight Joe Biden’s extreme weakness


New reports reveal that President Joe Biden personally saw his dog bite Secret Service agents on more than one occasion.

Emails and other correspondence obtained by Judicial Watch not only show that Biden witnessed attacks by his dog Commander on U.S. Secret Service (USSS) personnel, but they also drive home the overall failure of the president in handling the situation.

Most dog owners whose pets attack other humans, sending them to the hospital on more than one occasion, would suffer the consequences of losing their pets. But Biden repeatedly failed as a dog owner, showing no backbone in taking command by either disciplining or getting available training. The records reveal an inherent weakness in the president, who seems to have the same deficiency in his parenting.

“This is a failure of training,” Fox News host Laura Ingraham noted after national correspondent Kevin Corke mentioned that similar incidents transpired under Biden’s watch with his previous dog, Major.

Demonstrating his inability to be a responsible dog owner, Biden witnessed multiple attacks on his Secret Service detail first-hand, according to emails shared by staff who chronicled the incidents and even suggested the president muzzle his pooch.

But, as demonstrated in the reported emails, the commander-in-chief did little to nothing to turn things around.

“Incidents with the dog began to stack up, with family pet altercations taking place in locations such as the White House, Wilmington, Delaware, Camp David, and Biden’s beach house in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware,” Fox News noted.

“Dogs can be trained. They have access to the best training in the world through the Secret Service and this went on and on,” Ingraham said.

Social media users agreed that Biden’s failures and weakness in handling his family and his pets are proof he has no business running the country.