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Biden appears to freeze up again, and forget Mayorkas’ name in another public episode


At this point, President Joe Biden’s often alarming behavior seems to have become predictable.

During a White House event on Tuesday, the 81-year-old, visibly weakened president had another episode of seeming to freeze up while speaking. He briefly also seemed to forget the name of his Homeland Security secretary.

After introducing himself as “Jill Biden’s husband,”  an oft-used joke by the president, he began his remarks in the White House’s East Room where those gathered were on hand for Biden’s announcement about his plans to protect and create a pathway to citizenship for those in the U.S. illegally.

Touted as “New Actions to Keep Families Together,”  Biden claimed the mass amnesty plan he implemented through an executive order was “overwhelmingly supported by the American people, no matter what the other team says.”

At the podium, the president thanked Congress, then appeared to trail off momentarily as he attempted to name Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas who stood with others behind him.

“I’m not sure I’m going to be able to introduce you all the way,” Biden seemed to say, though one would be hard-pressed to confirm his words since the White House notably has not posted a transcript of his remarks.

“But all kidding aside, Secretary Mayorkas, Secretary [of the Department of Health and Human Services] Becerra and advocates and families, law enforcement, faith leaders, and everybody that’s here,” the president continued in what appeared to be an attempt to make the moment seem like an intentional joke.

But social media users were among the many who did not find anything funny about it.

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