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The left is ‘coming for’ country’s heritage, Hawley warns


Walking onstage with a Bible in hand, Sen. Josh Hawley spoke of the need to bring God back to the forefront in the life of the country in remarks to a Faith & Freedom Coalition gathering Friday.

The Missouri Republican also called out members of the Biden administration at the coalition’s Road to Majority Conference in Washington.

“Give me the inheritance of your fathers,” Hawley read from 1 Kings 21:3 to conference attendees.

Calling it “a passage for our time,” he declared, addressing those on the Left: “The Lord forbid we give you the inheritance of our fathers.”

The Left wants to change America and tear down this country, Hawley said. “They are coming for our heritage.”

From the Biden administration sending a SWAT team to a pro-life Christian’s home to the arrest of five illegal immigrants “who had kidnapped a young girl from the state of Indiana,” Hawley described the country as being “in chaos.”

Citing the recent example of the indictment of a Texas surgeon who blew the whistle on “a Texas so-called children’s hospital [that] was performing illegal gender sterilization surgeries,” Hawley asserted the Left is trying to destroy the Justice Department as it has increasingly been prosecuting Americans in an unjust manner.

“If this is allowed to stand, the United States of America will not stand,” Hawley said.

Hawley had a warning for Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray, who he said have used their power against Republicans. “Reserve all of your documents, because what has happened to [former President Donald Trump] is going to happen to you,” he said.

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