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Bo’s blog: Today the optimism Rush gave this nation is paying dividends


Aside from the enjoyment of the current Democrat implosion we are truly witnessing something “monumental” that is occurring on the political landscape.

The Democrats AND their MSM allies are conducting a “soft coup” on Biden in the open. Imagine what they are doing behind closed doors.

At the same time their attempts to weaponize the DOJ/ Intel/ and all government entities to put party politics above national interests are being exposed – although not without pain for Donald Trump and his family and business associates.

While all that is happening, the Supreme Court is dismantling the Deep State – the Chevron decision is HUGE, every bit as huge as the Roe V Wade decision in terms of national impact.

We could really be on the verge of restoring America – and it may take decades – just like the deterioration took decades to bring us to this point.

I keep hearing Rush’s voice saying it is “never time to panic” because we can “never give up on America.”

Today that optimism Rush gave this nation is paying dividends.
God Bless You ALL.


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  1. I miss Rush still every day. He could make some of the political stuff fun, and his insights were always, always right. Sometimes it took time, but he was always proven right. We need his humor, his honesty and his brilliant yet sunny commentary. RIP Rush.

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