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Musk calls out Kamala for lie about Trump’s stance on abortion: ‘lying on this platform doesn’t work anymore’


The Biden-Harris campaign got into a battle of words with Elon Musk over former President Donald Trump’s stance on abortion.

Vice President Harris was not only called out by social media users when she claimed Trump wanted a nationwide ban on abortions, she got the attention of the billionaire X owner who set the record straight and accused her of lying.

“Donald Trump would ban abortion nationwide,” Harris wrote in a post on X Sunday, adding, “President @JoeBiden and I will do everything in our power to stop him and restore women’s reproductive freedom.”

“He clearly said he would not do so in the debate,” Musk responded to Harris’s post in a comment on Sunday.

The vice president’s post was met with a community note from readers saying, “President Trump has repeatedly said he will not sign a national abortion ban.”

The next day, Musk posted another response, adding a screenshot of Hariis’s message and the attached community note.

“When will politicians, or at least the intern who runs their account, learn that lying on this platform doesn’t work anymore?” he wrote.

But the Biden-Harris campaign did not drop the matter, instead firing back at the Tesla and SpaceX CEO by telling him to “Google it.”

“Elon Musk can Google it: Donald Trump wants to ban abortion nationwide, allow his allies to ban medication abortion and contraception, and use the power of the government to harass and punish women,” James Singer, a campaign spokesperson, said in a statement.

“This election is a choice between codifying Roe and protecting women’s fundamental rights, and allowing extreme politicians to interfere with medical decisions and rip away freedoms,” Singer added.

Harris’s campaign account on X continued to post messages about “Trump Abortion Bans” while users reacted to Musk’s responses.

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