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Springtime in Antarctica


During my years as a Navy man and journalist, I visited six continents. Each possesses its own unique charm and beauty. But none can compare with Earth’s seventh continent. 



I was truly blessed to have visited Antarctica during the final week of November, 2022 – springtime in Antarctica. As a professional writer, I take no pride in saying words fail to describe its beauty so I hope this slideshow conveys some sense of the majesty of this place.

Nothing compares with crawling across the snow and ice to photograph Gentoo penguins during an Antarctic blizzard, stalking a 600 pound bull Weddell seal, or discovering a derelict whaling boat of unknown origin. These and other joys of Antarctica simply must be experienced to be fully understood.

These photos were shot while tramping through the snows of D’Hainaut Island and Damoy Point along the Antarctic Peninsula, Half Moon Island in the South Shetlands, and while cruising the waters of the Palmer Archipelago in a Zodiac. None have been retouched or Photoshopped.

Special thanks are owed to the staff of Polar Latitudes, who graciously permitted the use of two photographs of MS Seaventure, which was expertly guided through the 25-33 foot seas of the Drake Passage by Captain Ivo Botica and his bridge crew.

I also want to thank my friend James Golden for the opportunity to share with you these extraordinary images. I hope you find it time well spent.

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