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Nancy Pelosi’s arrogance has taken the fentanyl crisis to new heights.


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When Nancy Pelosi made her famous trip to Asia in order to wreak havoc on the CPP and embarrass the US government, most people didn’t think we would be feeling the effects some five months later. Her irresponsible lack of diplomacy and global awareness has driven our fentanyl problem through the roof, thus, killing and injuring more Americans than ever before.

Experts all over the country have warned us of the real American epidemic- fentanyl (not covid-19). Stronger and more deadly than heroin and easier to carry and distribute, fentanyl is the number one cause of overdoses and drug-related deaths in the United States. With our border as open as a 24-hour Super Walmart, fentanyl crossing the border is surging at record rates, causing record death and overdose rates, all within the last few months.

Recently, fentanyl seized at the border has been tested and deemed the most deadly and addictive compound ever seen to enter the country. In November, the DEA alerted the public to a sharp nationwide increase in the lethality of fentanyl-laced fake prescription pills. DEA laboratory testing in 2022 revealed that six out of ten fentanyl-laced, fake prescription pills contained a potentially lethal dose of fentanyl. This is a sharp increase from the DEA’s announcement months prior. Again, November 2022, three months after Pelosi’s return.

Since 2013, China has manufactured and sold most of the fentanyl in the world. When Donald Trump stopped the 60-year-old failing policy of engagement with China and redirected us to a much-needed policy of containment, one of the biggest focuses in trade negotiations was the control of fentanyl. In a 2018 agreement with Xi Jing Ping, Trump was able to force China to legally control fentanyl-type drugs. In 2019, shipments of illegal fentanyl to the U.S. dramatically declined. China undertook enforcement measures, and illicit fentanyl suppliers could no longer operate with the ease they could before Trump’s new regulations came into force.

When Joe Biden took office in 2021, he vowed to continue a Chinese policy of containment and keep talks going around the control of fentanyl from China. However, no record of fentanyl discussions exists between Biden and Xi Jing Ping. Nothing was done, but Trump’s policies remained for the time being.

Fast forward to August 2022, when the then Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, chose to take a trip around Asia with her son. At the time, the Chinese were clear- do not go to Taiwan. The Chinese attempted to work with the state department but failed. Xi Jing Ping asked Biden to intervene, but that effort also failed. Needless to say, this was not the Biden administration’s finest hour in diplomacy, and we offended our communist equal on the world stage.

Against the wishes of the second largest super-power in the world, Biden greenlit Pelosi to make a stop in Taiwan. However, not only did Nancy stop in Taiwan, but she also used her time there to disparage the CCP and Xi Jing Pin. The Chinese response was devastating. China walked away from every Chinese-US negotiation, including the control of fentanyl. Since August, the fentanyl talks with China have stopped. Out of spite, the Chinese have publicly ignored those 2018 regulations and stopped patrolling the pharmaceutical manufacturing plants throughout the country.

Nancy Pelosi went to Asia and used her soapbox to disparage and slander President Xi Jing Ping without thinking about the fallout. New fentanyl seized at the border is 50-100 times more lethal. Furthermore, since her trip in August, opioid overdoses and deaths have risen an average of 16% month over month, according to the DEA. The DEA is reporting record-breaking seizures of fentanyl at the southern border daily, which only reflect drugs being found and seized. If the number of seized drugs indicates the number of illegal drugs crossing the border, the devastating effects of this surge will last months, if not years.

Only the combination of Nancy Pelosi’s arrogance and Joe Biden’s stupidity could yield these deadly results. Nancy Pelosi goes on an anti-CPP tour around Asia, resulting in the Chinese backing off all fentanyl talks and ignoring the progress and agreements made during the Trump administration. Combined with Biden’s wide-open border and crippled border patrol agents- the perfect conditions are met for a deadly surge of fentanyl flooding into the country. This is yet another example of how Washington elites like Pelosi and Biden have no concept of how their selfish actions can come back and damage the country in the aftermath of their errors in judgment. However, it’s also safe to assume they just don’t care.

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