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OPINION: From The Last Gay Conservative, Matt Schlapp is not gay or guilty


Disclaimer: This is purely my personal opinion. I am not a specialist in sexual assault or law enforcement. The contents of this article outline my take as a gay conservative man. 

It was a gathering of gossip and whispers about Matt Schlapp throughout CPAC this year. Of course, being the last gay conservative, I was dragged into these conversations. People wanted my take on the situation, but I didn’t think it was appropriate to be having those conversations at Schlapp’s event. However, I think it’s important for the gay conservative community to rally around Matt Schlapp. The press has run with this story with speculation and conjecture that paints Schlapp as a homophobic closeted gay man who preys on young guys. It’s despicable that they’re using the gay angle, mocking the gay community, and continually pushing the “conservatives hate gays” narrative. Unfounded accusations always injure those with legitimate complaints, which is why it’s so irresponsible for the press to report so poorly. 

Allow me to state the obvious-Matt Schlapp has been in conservative politics since 1994, almost 30 years, and has never once been accused of either being gay or a groper. In this day and age, someone like Matt Schlapp can’t sneeze without being on social media. If Schlapp were gay or sexually aggressive towards young men, we would know it by now. There is no hiding anymore. Furthermore, Matt Schlapp has access to hundreds of male interns and new college graduates- if he were gay, he could take his pick, yet he has never done anything inappropriate. Being a conservative gay man attracted to younger guys in their twenties, if I had the position Schlapp has, you’d be hearing all sorts of rumors, yet we have heard nothing over the years about Schlapp. No one goes scot-free for 30 years in the same industry and becomes an abuser overnight. If he were gay, we would know it; no one can hide that for thirty years without a whisper of any rumors. Media hit pieces never consider the past and accept all accusations as gospel. 

The media also lives to expose conservatives to bring us down to the level of their liberal bottom-feeder friends. The press spends millions of dollars researching and digging up dirt on conservatives. Using all the resources of the top media outlets in the world, nothing has been unearthed about Schlapp. The Washington Post published a story about Schlapp using anti-gay slurs in the office, which was unfounded. Either way, you cannot connect that behavior to these accusations. Don’t you think after 30 years, we’d hear it if Matt Schlapp was a homophobe? The media wants to paint Schlapp as a self-hating gay conservative who gropes young guys. It’s simply not true, and so far, they’ve been unable to prove anything.  

Matt Schlapp is the most welcoming and open leader the ACU has ever seen. He supports conservatives of all shapes and sizes. Instead of cheering on that a member of the conservative movement is welcoming its gay members, the media associates Schlapp’s openness for all conservatives as a tell that he’s gay. That is the epitome of homophobia- creating a false story using someone’s behaviors or words or career to out people. It’s a slap in the face to gays who choose to live in private, and it creates stereotypes about what gay means. Essentially, the point made by the press is that you being welcoming to a group of gay people for a dinner party makes you gay. That is the media angle with Matt Schlapp. Have you ever heard something so foolish? That is the true anti-gay rhetoric. It is shameful and the anthesis of what the summer of love liberals tout.   

The accuser’s story has some big red flags that must be addressed. First, there is a good chance this accuser is a DNC plant. We have seen DNC operatives joining conservative groups to wreak havoc and dismantle work from the inside out. However, the gentleman refuses to release his identity, so we cannot be sure. It may seem like an outlandish conspiracy, but the infiltration of democrats into conservative campaigns is happening all the time. Kari Lake’s gubernatorial race experienced some DNC infiltration. We’ve all learned everything is possible over the last few years, with dozens of conspiracy theories proven true.  

Oddly, the accuser got on video immediately after the alleged “over the pants rubbing” in a car. This is not typical victim behavior, and it appeared to be very scripted and disingenuous in the version the Daily Beast released. Furthermore, the accuser doesn’t seem to be victimized at all. He showed little emotion and was very carefree. As a victim of sexual assault myself, I can tell you without a doubt crotch rubbing is not sexual assault and makes actual victims like myself seem phony.

Additionally, for the thousands of men raped by their priests, claiming that rubbing is sexual assault is appalling and disrespectful to them. If someone is rubbing you, push their hand away and move on. Although we don’t know what he looks like, if you used the average American male size, the man would have no issue defending himself against Schlapp, an older man. Understandably, everyone handles these situations differently, but it looks pretty far-fetched that he was so scared and just sat there while being assaulted over his pants aggressively.

Unlike what we’ve seen with many of the “me-too” victims, Schlapp’s accuser seemed to have a lawyer on call. The women who went after Bill Cosby or Jeff Epstein did not immediately file a complaint for “nine million dollars.” Having your crotch rubbed for nine million dollars is astonishing- yet the degenerates on the left cheer because they get off on destroying lives with fake stories. In most prominent me-too cases, the victims worried about money last, and none remained anonymous. Schlapp’s accuser’s anonymity is another red flag because he’s avoiding having to answer difficult questions about his past. Someone only hides when there is something to hide. 

Then we must look to Schlapp’s text conversations and calls. Remember that the accuser was being paid to drive Schlapp to multiple events so that regular contact would be expected. Schlapp thanked him, said nothing negative, and when the accuser said to Schlapp he was uncomfortable, Schlapp tried to reach him several times to no avail. Again, from here, it looks more like a cash grab versus a crotch grab. Why would Matt Schlapp admit and turn over all communications if he had something to hide? Yet the defamation claims infer that Schlapp has been defaming the accuser- nothing could be further from the truth. If we follow the money demanded against the accusations, it certainly does not add up. What are the actual damages here, if any?

This situation explains the democrat’s weaponization of minority genders, sexual orientations, and races. The left encourages people to use their minority as a tool to manipulate and get what they want. You can look at the thousands of wrongful termination cases settled yearly because someone makes a false claim about racism or homophobia, or transphobia. It is not unreasonable to assume many claims made are wrong. The left preaches special treatment and a meritless system, creating an environment where people must take extreme measures to get what they “deserve.” Accusing people of sexual assault, racism, and transphobia for financial gain is all too familiar. 

My opinion is that Matt Schlapp is neither guilty nor gay. Matt Schlapp is being toyed with like the left media painted Matt Gaetz as a human trafficker. Our press doesn’t care who they destroy and purposely only publish the racy accusations. In one week, Matt Gaetz was all over the media around child trafficking; however, when the DOJ announced the witnesses had no credibility and insufficient evidence to pursue charges, the damage had been done. This same thing is happening with Matt Schlapp. The left-run media has taken it upon themselves to report this story as fact. News organizations worldwide put Matt Schlapp on the front page with the accusations in bold; however, the damage will have been done when it all goes away.

I am looking forward to this little weasel coming out and identifying himself, and then he may get a taste of what he’s putting Matt Schlapp through. If he refuses to go public, the cases must be dropped. Our legal system doesn’t allow people to make serious accusations and sue from their mother’s basement. 

Don’t be fooled- this has nothing to do with gay rights or sexual assault. This is a calculated effort to destroy a dedicated man with an impeccable record because he represents a conservative movement with empathy, acceptance, and love for all fellow conservatives. As gay conservatives, we should be appalled at how gay has been weaponized to hurt Schlapp, and we should let everyone know that it’s rooted in hate and homophobia. Everything the left accuses the conservatives of, they are using and grasping for straws for anything to publish negatively about Matt Schlapp. 

It is unlikely that Mr. Schlapp will see this piece, but if he does, I want you to know that you have my support and the support of hundreds of thousands of listeners. Thank you for revitalizing the conservative movement away from a white boys club to a truly diverse and welcoming environment. You are loved. – Chad Law, the last gay conservative. 

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