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China’s Covid-19 cover-up: Senator Rubio highlights conflicting timeline and dangerous experiments – video


Sen. Marco Rubio’s office released a 329-page report called “A COMPLEX AND GRAVE SITUATION” and a video highlighting the findings of an investigation into the origin of COVID-19.

Senator Rubio asserts that China closed schools in November 2019, despite claiming that the first COVID-19 cases were in December.

He believes that the Chinese Communist Party refuses to admit their involvement in creating the virus due to concerns over their global reputation and internal stability.

Rubio highlights China’s risky gain-of-function experiments, where viruses are manipulated in labs to become infectious to humans. He suggests that China’s pursuit of dominance in biomedicine led them to prioritize progress over safety.

Rubio acknowledges the circumstantial evidence pointing towards a potential lab incident and hopes for further investigation to uncover the truth.

China’s COVID-19 Cover-Up: Senator Rubio Highlights Conflicting Timeline And Dangerous Experiments – Video

Below are a few key quotes from the video.

RUBIO: The Chinese Communist Party is very sensitive to their global image. The idea that their experimentation led to the creation of a virus that has basically turned the world upside down is something they’ll never be able to admit. It could threaten their hold on power internally but it would most certainly change the world’s perception of them. I believe there is no limit to what they are willing to do to make sure the full story is never known.

RUBIO: I’m not sure we’ll ever know the full story but we have enough pieces of the puzzle to really change the entire narrative.

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