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‘LA is finished’ Rapper 50 Cent shares dire take on zero bail policy


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Curtis Jackson, the rapper known as 50 Cent, responded on Instagram to the reinstatement of the zero bail policy in Los Angeles, saying the city is “finished.”

Jackson shared a FOX 11 Los Angeles segment on his Instagram account regarding the zero bail policy on Thursday. The policy, which was originally adopted during the COVID-19 pandemic in order to reduce prison crowding, drops bail to as low as $0 for suspects accused of misdemeanors and non-violent felonies.

“LA is finished watch how bad it gets out there.SMH [shaking my head]” the rapper wrote on Instagram.

Critics of the policy, which ended in July of last year, and was reinstated in May, say it is causing a spike in violent crime in California.

According to a Fox News report, a recent study published by the Yolo County District Attorney’s Office found that zero bail policies have “horrific” effects on public safety.

Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig told Fox News Digital, “I mean, we have more people being shot at, stabbed, assaulted, robbed, beaten. These are real victims – and the numbers are staggering under zero bail.”

The study found that suspects released without bail re-offended 70% more often than those who posted bail, and were rearrested on 163% more charges. Suspects released without bail were also accused of three times as many violent crimes.

The LA county sheriff’s department plans on enforcing the zero bail policy.

“The Department is aware of the preliminary injunction regarding the cash bail system, and of course will comply with any court-ordered bail schedule.” read a statement from the sheriff’s office. “The County is also working with the court and other stakeholders to explore ways to reduce the number of people held before arraignment because they can’t afford bail and to provide the Sheriff greater release options to safely reduce the jail population, while always prioritizing public safety.”

Like many critics of the zero bail policy, 50 Cent seems to believe that reinstating the bail policy will be devastating for Los Angeles, a city already struggling with increased violent crime.

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