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Rep Luna outraged as Ukraine says it is every American’s obligation to pay $200 per day


Representative Anna Paulina Luna of Florida’s 13th congressional district joined Real America’s Voice War Room with Steve Bannon and spoke about Ukrainian Parliament’s demands of a U.S. Congressional delegation during a meeting in Poland.

Watch the video here:

Luna said she took a trip to meet with representatives from the parliament in Poland in May, along with four other Republicans and two Democrats.  There, she learned about Kyiv’s demand for help in the war against Russia in the form of payments and fighter jets.

“They want to not only demand that Americans pay $200 every single day, every American in the country, because it is our ‘obligation’ according to Ukraine so that they can defend the western world from Russia.  But they are also saying that they want F-35s,” she said.

“And if that isn’t crazy enough, they’re saying that after Russia leaves Crimea, where their head is, they’re going to potentially privatize and create a mercenary army similar to the Wagner Group. So that is the mindset of Ukraine,” Luna said.

The Wagner Group is a private militia group that took the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut earlier in the Russia-Ukraine war before handing it over to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s troops. After more than a year, Yevgeny Prigozhin, Wagner’s leader, staged an unsuccessful, short-lived coup. Putin met with the leader just days following, however.

“I want to remind everyone that Ukraine had the option to join NATO and they didn’t,” Luna told Bannon. “So, they want to get housing insurance essentially after their house flooded and that’s not our problem. We don’t represent Ukraine, we represent the United States.”

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