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Roseanne Barr has ‘sh*t to say!’ blasts Hunter and Joe in hilarious viral 8-word tweet


Rosanne Barr has made a remarkable comeback after being canceled by the left and stabbed in the back by most of her fair-weather Hollywood friends and colleagues. Much like iconic actor James Woods, there is a fanbase building on Twitter following her sarcastic one-liners.

Known more by her first name alone, the comedian celebrated her blue check on Elon Musk’s popular platform by saying “I have shit to say!’

And she did have sh*t to say!  Rosanne unloaded on one liberal commentator’s take of CMT, Country Music Television, pulling a pro-American, pro-small town country music song by Jason Aldean out of its rotation.

Him Talking about small town values is not the same thing that your mind controlled dipshit brain filters it as. All you are doing is showing that you’re batshit crazy and that does no good for anyone. If you don’t like the song don’t listen to it. certainly don’t project your insanity on to it. My god you people are INSANE. Maybe check yourself into a facility or something. Liberals in my day protected art and made fun of those that said it had satanic messaging when you play it backwards or shit like that. That’s what you guys are now, the epitome of what you used to hate. Go get help or maybe dicked down and shut the fuck up. thanks.

The declaration that she was fully blue-checked on Twitter followed a popular response tweet about Hunter and Joe Biden that quickly went viral and her spot-on (though, potty-mouthed) tweet about Jason Aldean’s new song controversy.

Bring on the snark, Rosanne. People are listening!

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