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Daily BS morning mug shots 7-27


Good morning!

A little champagne with your OJ this morning? Free-thinking Americans are still celebrating the Biden circus that played out in court yesterday.

The Hunter Biden judge is understandably a hero this morning for doing her job and squashing the sham plea deal attempted on Wednesday. We also found some dish on what happened in the courtroom. Check it out in these tweets.

“Enemies talk.” Tucker and Ice Cube have a sit down for Part 2 and it is worth watching.

This is disappointing. Republican Byron Donalds sided with the Dems on the skills for slaves controversy and he got handed his a**!


You might need to make that mimosa bottomless before you watch this one. This poor child.

Mad kudos to Harriet Hageman who knows exactly who Mayorkas is and who isn’t afraid to call him a liar to his face.

This is informative. And gross! Who knew?

Adam Schiff said this and all we can say is:

Yep. She’s got a point!

Pretty cute:

That’s all we have time for this morning. Time to stop drinking and get to work.


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