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Daily BS morning mug shots: 8-3


Good morning!

Grab a refill and let’s talk!

Look who Tucker snagged an interview with!

Kudos, Tucker!

Remember these clips? WE DO! Here is a refresher:

Trump’s response to the latest indictment is classic Trump. Safe to say he’s not using his right to remain silent:

Do you think this is clear enough?

What can we do to prepare for this next play?

Makes perfect sense.

Americans are fighting thugs every day because our government is too busy indicting former presidents to care. Watch this beatdown.

Wow! I wonder how much she got paid to stand there for 18 hours in a princess dress? Clearly, it was an insulting amount.

The US credit downgrade was blamed on Trump. What? I am shocked!

Meanwhile illegals in NYC. Those compassionate Dems at it again!

And, the cute animal video for the day…

One more thing we love:

Off to work! Enjoy your day. Remember to be patient with friends and neighbors who don’t understand what’s at play in our country. Sometimes they can be persuaded with patience.

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