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Video of real life, drivable Transformer out of a BMW resurfaces – AND IT’S STILL AWESOME!


Screenshot Letrons YouTube

A video has resurfaced on Twitter from the engineers who built a real life, drivable Transformer out of a BMW.

Made by the Turkish company, Letrons back in 2016, the video shows a (somewhat) fully functional Transformer. While it doesn’t battle Decepticons, you can still drive it around via remote control when it’s in car mode. Want one? Who doesn’t!

The hype of the (bada**) video made us wonder how much things have progressed in the world of Transformers over the past 7 years.

Check out the resurfaced viral video of the transformer in action:

In 2015-2016, inventors had big dreams for the impressive smart machines, but the hype didn’t appear to last. Never-the-less, we’re still impressed, and it looks like we’re not alone.

According to

As for the robot-form, the Letrons are said to be capable of rotating their heads, with real-time speech and movement abilities utilising camera integration. Potentially giving them much deeper characterization than anything seen in Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014). Further, the Letrons are capable of moving their arms, with actuated wrists and kinetic individual finger movements possible.

Unfortunately when transformed, the Letrons are unable to walk and can only stand still. Bipedal robots walking and autonomously navigating real world uneven terrain is particularly tricky. Yet research is being conducted elsewhere; and Letvision believes with sufficient funding for its own research and development it can add walking functionality into the Letrons in the future.

The old video sparked Transformer nerds everywhere who could barely contain their excitement!

Slyme 🎶 brushyourdamnte.eth 🍜 slymemusic.tez


Robbie Rich🏴‍☠️






Okilski 🇺🇦


Even the official page for BMW USA chimed in:



Back to our search for progress …
We found a surprising 2020 video that includes a Transformer made by KIA named Robo-KIA. Let the battle begin. See it here.

Oh well, back to reality!

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