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Grifter David Hogg announces ironic new PAC, tops off the laughs with list of names on the board


The announcement reads like a parody to those who know the history of master grifter David Hogg.

The only thing funnier is the chaser, a long list of members who sit on the “Advisory Board.” They include the likes of Eric Swalwell, Jamie Raskin, Randi Weingarten, and Alyssa Milano, to name a few.

“Please donate $10 a month,” he asks. Hogg brags about all the political accomplishments the Gen-Z generation has garnered and says that $5 or $10 per month will help make the young political force even stronger.

A mix of praise and “awe, hell no!” followed the announcement. We don’t always take sides but we’re going with the “hell no!” this time.

I’m sure Hogg will rake in plenty of cash from his adoring sheep on the left. God Bless America!

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