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Bo Snerdley: Two-Tier History


The indictments handed down in Georgia against former President Trump and 18 others, are a clear message that Democrats are intent on destroying the Republican party and secure their own political power through a perverse use of the judicial system.

In New York and now Georgia, the former President faces charges brought by partisan prosecutors, who have publicly stated their political desire to “get “him using their elective powers.

In the federal arena, a prosecutor with a track record of using his office to “get” a Republican governor with baseless charges was selected to execute the Democrat agenda.

Meanwhile, the mainstream legacy press ignores, as much as they can, the growing case of a sitting president and his family, mired in a web of lies and financial corruption involving foreign powers, some who are openly hostile to America. The allegations of corruption in the Biden family are truly historic. If there has been foreign influence by a then sitting Vice President of the United States, which has continued into his Presidency, it would represent the single biggest political scandal in American history, overshadowing Watergate and the “Teapot Dome” scandal of earlier generations.

There has been no meaningful accountability for the “Russia hoax” that was used to undermine the Trump Administration, in which false and misleading accusations were presented to the FISA court. The roles played by members of the FBI, the political campaign of Hillary Clinton, and the Obama Administration have never been fully explored by investigative journalists, or by the judicial branches of government.

We have recently learned that the Democrats’ January 6th committee destroyed records that could have shed light on the absence of security that Speaker Nancy Pelosi was tasked with. Again, not a shred of interest from the mainstream legacy media in this nation.

America’s mainstream legacy press can be counted on to regale us every day with headlines and news of the “historic” legal battle that former Donald Trump is facing, without providing the full political context or investigative reporting that is behind the charges.

At the same time – there is a disgraceful and utter failure on the part of those same mainstream media outlets to report to their own consumers, or the rest of the world the extent of political corruption that has consumed the Democrat party, and the agencies of government they control.


  1. Well said Bo. It’s a shame what has transpired in our country lately, I wish Rush was still with us he would have a good perspectives on this tragedy. Unfortunately the young guys that took over for Rush are not able to provide any guidance.
    I will continue reading your email as you cover all that we need to be aware of.

  2. Media have always had a “dicey” (to put it mildly) relationship with the truth when it comes to anything relating to politics and government. Watergate was the equivalent of a kindergarten stunt compared to the typical activities that went on in Democrat administrations, but they so hated Richard Nixon they created the perfect crisis to bring him down. Trump was their “Nixon” on steroids because he was the most dangerous kind of “enemy”; he was an outsider.

    Our law enforcement institutions and so-called political “leaders” in both parties are so corrupted and compromised they’re unwilling to do the right thing, (i.e. their jobs) and prosecute the ongoing criminal activities of Obama administration, HRC, FBI, CIA, DOJ, Joe Biden & family. Unfortunately for our country’s survival, they will not step up. There will be no hearings, no charges levied, no comments, after all, that’s all in the past….

    It’s now totally in the hands of We-The-People.

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