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Good morning!

Never thought we would have to say this in writing, but apparently, some liberals need a reminder: When the American people are suffering, and you are the President of the United States, it is not the time to lay on a beach slathered in oil or go sightseeing on your bicycle.

Stacey Abrams is trending on Twitter. You didn’t think this one would slide by us, did you?

Interesting accusation, if true.

We weren’t sure about this one at first, but he actually seems sincere and has something to say about his hometown of Fulton County being sullied by the circus that is being brought to town by its own clowns.

Some”next-level crazy” going on here. The cop mows her down and saves her life.

Yes. Please caption this.

Does anyone else wonder what happened to great architecture?

This is pretty wild. Not what you think. (* language warning)

Do you think she meant to go viral with this or is she just clueless?

Finally, for the latest update on the Musk/Zuck fight that no one asked for. Here you go …

Don’t forget the boost of encouragement from America’s Small Caffeinated Mom! Have a great Wednesday!

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