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Bo Snerdley: Junk science – meet junk justice


This past Monday a landmark decision was delivered in Montana – which compels the state to “consider climate change” when deciding whether to approve or renew fossil fuel projects. One can imagine, the sweeping decision left radical environmentalists blissfully orgasmic.

Sixteen young people brought the lawsuit, Held V. Montana which guaranteed that residents of the state have a “right to a clean and healthful environment.”  The suit argued that the state of Montana violated that right because it allowed fossil fuels to run rampant and pollute the clean and healthful environment the children are demanding.

Judge Kathy Seeley of Montana District Court found that the plaintiffs made their case when they testified about the extreme weather conditions that are supposedly proof that the health of families in Montana has been threatened, as well as the state liberally permitting oil, gas, and coal projects to come to market. Judge Seeley ruled that emissions in Montana have “proven to be a substantial factor” that affects the climate, and Montana residents and businesses are responsible for as much carbon dioxide as countries like Argentina, Pakistan, and the Netherlands produce.

I am not an environmental scientist. But I feel that I am on safe ground to acknowledge that the climate has been “changing” since the moment God created the heavens and the earth. At one point in the “evolution” of our dear Mother Earth, it was an ice ball, until global warming allowed for the seas and firmament to be visible. Not only is the climate of the earth changing, but the climate of our solar system, and our galaxy are changing. Right now, for instance, the Milky Way and Andromeda are on a collision course with each other, and one day in the distant future there will be a very dramatic “climate change” that will perhaps create a less than “healthful” environment if there are any mortal beings left on earth to experience it.

I hope, that the people of Montana will take this ruling seriously. Especially “the youth”. They should immediately stop driving any vehicle that relies on fossil fuels. That includes EV’s – because in order to charge electric vehicles fossil fuels are needed. These young enlightened children – and the Judge, should stop using heating oils, or gasses. They should stop polluting their own state and show us all with their actions, not their words, how to create a world where fossil fuels no longer threaten lives.

In the meantime, introductions are in order.  Junk Science?  Meet Junk Justice. I hope the two of you get along together just fine.