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Daily BS morning mug shots 8-21


Good morning! Hope you are rested because this week is already off to a busy start!

Let’s talk Trump for a minute. NO, he’s not going to speak at the GOP debate. How do we know? Because he said so …

We are still waiting on word about a Tucker interview.

James Woods shared first-hand footage from the “terrifying” storm named Hillary and his tweet comes with a chaser of undercover video from CNN. Check out the two-fer.

This migrant thing is pi**ing off New Yorkers. Go figure. Huh?


NEVER again, we say. I hope we all mean it.

LOL! She’s getting the attention she deserves.

It’s very sad about the shopkeeper’s death, but there is something about this story that does not sit right.

Tucker Carlson has another interview to watch — and a warning.

“The war against Ukraine has crushed the European economy,” Tucker said. “This war is hurting everybody … It’s about a massive shift in power away from the United States and the West to the East.”

Don’t ask us. We have no idea who did this, but it caused a buzz.

Finally, we hate to see these two in such a big battle. Let’s hope they patch things up. If you missed the story, you can catch it on The Daily BS news page! HERE.

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Don’t forget America’s Small Caffeinated Mom, Rhonda Schrock. She’ll get you in the right headspace for the day!

Have a great Monday!

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